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  • 4.0 SP16 Hotfix 1604 Available For Download
    We have released hotfix 1604 for version 4.0 SP16. It can be downloaded here .  The patch report can be reviewed here . more
  • BBU Community Thumbnail
    You can “Give” your own way!
    For me, one unforeseen consequence of working at Blackbaud is this now-frequent thought: I wonder how that organization is tracking their giving. This thought immediately popped into my head when I discovered NBC’s reality show “Give.” The premise is simple. A foundation or other funding organization has agreed to give a sizable grant to two ... more
  • Off the Grid Sign Up
    Off The Grid Sign Ups Are Open!
    Calling all Blackbaud Customers! It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in Off the Grid , Blackbaud’s annual hackathon event, being held from July 25-27, 2018. As a customer representative, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a team on a project that could end up solving problems for customers like you. And if your team is one of the ... more
  • A Fresh Look At Recurring Giving
    You’ve kicked off your month-long vacation on a sweltering June day in Charleston, SC.  You’re hot.  You’re thirsty.  You spot some children sitting behind a lemonade stand with a painted sign showing what this sugary relief will cost you.  Pitcher: $3.50 Glass: $0.25 You search your wallet for something called cash and find that you have $3.25.  You ... more
  • drab to fab
    What Is Peer-To-Peer Fundraising An Excerpt From Drab To Fab – Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover E-book
    What is Peer-To-Peer Fundraising an excerpt from Drab to Fab – Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover e-book By Madeline Turner Close your eyes. Picture the excitement of the starting line at your walk or run. Picture a pack of cyclists lined up as they are about to embark upon a 50-, 80-, or 100-mile journey. Picture someone so passionate about a cause that they ... more
  • Advocacy Target Update
    We've added newly elected officials who are now contactable with our  June 13th update. You'll find them when you  select targets  for your action or call alerts. New officials in this update are:    POSITION  NAME  STATE      Federal Cabinet      Peter M. O'Rourke      DC  Governor  Mike Parson  MO  State Representative ... more
  • What’s New (June 14, 2018)
    This release of Financial Edge NXT includes the ability to add and edit tables and fields! The Fields and tables list page displays all the custom fields, system fields, and tables you have. We will add the ability to delete tables and custom fields in an upcoming release. To access this page, select Fields and tables under Control panel .  This is ... more
  • ShannonNewProfilePicture
    Shannon's Suggestion: Community Replies
    Hi Community! This week I swapped with Crystal to do a “Shannon’s Suggestion” post which is “Crystal Clear” but with an obvious twist. We do love alliteration on this team, don’t we?  We know many of you read our community posts via email so I’m discussing the instant forum subscription emails and how the reply options work. After reading the post in your ... more
  • golf
    Campaign Ideas: Everydayhero Pro For Golf Events
    Organizing a golf tournament takes time, organization and preparation.  They're resource intensive and require careful planning - but, they can make great fundraisers!   Golf tournaments are fun for supporters, create great sponsorship opportunities, and draw high net worth individuals.  Hundreds of schools and nonprofits run successful ... more
  • GUSA Cover
    Insights And Trends From The Giving USA 2018 Report
    As a proud member organization of the Giving Institute, Blackbaud is excited to announce the publication of the Giving USA 2018 report. Giving USA is the longest-running report of charitable giving in the United States and has been an important tool for nonprofit professionals to understand what is happening across the sector. The latest Giving USA ... more