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  • BBU Community Thumbnail
    It Pays To Learn Payroll
    I appreciate getting paid promptly and accurately. I’m guessing you do, too. But most of us don’t think much about what goes on behind the scenes to make payday happen. We likely don’t realize how much work payroll and HR administrators have to do to ensure not only employee satisfaction but also regulatory compliance . It’s mind-blowing. But if you’re ... more
  • buzz_052219_500x500
    The Buzz: May 22nd Edition
    Good morning Community! Things are heating up here at Blackbaud with events coming up and tons of new information to bring you.  Let's not waste any time - it's time to dive into... HOT TOPICS: via GIPHY ORGANIZATIONAL BEST PRACTICES (OBP): Think Like A Showrunner - Week 1 A WARD AND STEWARDSHIP MGMT: ... more
  • graduation
    Launch Your First University Giving Day
    Are you a university or school that is just getting started with annual giving days? It can be overwhelming to know where to start but don't worry, we have your back.  more
  • Set Up and Configuration Guide
    First Things First: Set Up Your Account.
    Account set-up takes about one week. Follow this guide to setting up your Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving account.   more
  • A Guide to Widgets And Buttons
    A Guide To Widgets And Buttons
    Give supporters a quick and effortless way to donate or fundraise for you with buttons and widgets available in your account.   more
  • megahorn
    Advocacy Target Update
    New officials are available in our  May 20th  Advocacy Target updates. You'll find them when you  select targets  for your action or call alerts. The new officials in these updates are:    POSITION NAME STATE     State Representative Nathan D. Reitz IL State Representative Scott Brewer NC State Representative     ... more
  • Teach
    A Glimpse Of The Future: Teacher Resources!
    One of the things we’ve consistently heard from you guys in the community is that there’s a need for more content designed specifically with teachers in mind. Over that span of time, we’ve been tinkering away behind the scenes to make that dream a reality. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce the Teacher Resource Page ! In an ... more
  • Blackbaud University Logo
    Rocking Out With Import
    Musicians like John Mayer, B.B. King, and Jimi Hendrix have made the guitar synonymous with soulful expression. Well, let me tell you… a lot of very exacting steps have gone into the chunk of wood they are holding that allows them to be so creative. Trust me, I know! My garage looks like a pile of guitars exploded inside! I have six or seven guitar necks, each ... more
  • whatsnew
    What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of May 21 (for Some)
    This week,  Raiser's Edge NXT  introduces the ability to set up Address Finder (for some in the US) and an improved way for admins to recognize users (for those with role-based security).   more
  • BBU
    That Dream You Have
    True confessions: I have a recurring dream where I am about to teach a class and the power goes out, my voice disappears, and I don’t have any of my materials. It’s the triple threat of bad news for a facilitator/instructor—mechanical failure, human body limits, and unpreparedness. For me, it’s a bit cold-sweat inducing. Do you have those kinds of ... more