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  • megahorn
    Advocacy Target Update
    New officials are available in our  March 19th  Advocacy Target update. You'll find them when you  select targets  for your action or call alerts. The new officials in this update are:    POSITION NAME STATE State Insurance Commissioner David Provost VT State Representative Alicia Straub KS State Representative ... more
  • BBU Fundraising
    Prospecting For The Endgame: Week 2
    We pick up with our Prospect Research hero in Week 2 of Prospecting for the Endgame. more
  • Targeted Content
    Are You Listening to Your Donors?
    I recently started to think my phone was listening to my calls and reading my texts. Ads for community events began to appear in my news feed. Was this because I texted a friend about volunteering more? Or was it because I talked to my daughter about helping our community? I quickly realized I was a part of a local targeted content strategy from a recent ... more
  • cp
    Anatomy Of A Campaign Page
    Use the these guides to get familiar with the Campaign Page and Fundraising Page layouts. more
  • No Image Description
    What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of March 19
    This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces several features such as enhanced security for wealth and ratings details and improvements in Email .  more
  • BBU
    Out With The Old, In With The New (Functionality)
    Some of you may already be aware that the Altru curriculum is going through a refresh. We’re doing our best to increase the value in our training and offer as much opportunity for you to learn new tools or brush up on existing functionality. With that in mind, we’ve been busy updating a few courses since January 1, and we hope you can take advantage of them ... more
  • Blackbaud and YouTube
    We Need You! Let's Talk About Video Content
    Even though we’re only three months in to the year, it’s been pretty busy for all of us here working on the K-12 Solution. So far, 2019 has already seen a lot of changes and evolutions to each of the products that you use daily. That sort of evolution is something we also want to bring to our videos going forward. For the past few years, we’ve been able to ... more
  • OBP Marketing
    Sandy Beaches & Your Social Media Strategy
    My boss assigned me with a huge goal this year, which at first, I felt like it would have been easier if she had asked me to count the grains of sand in a sand castle.   Ever feel like that with your job? Especially when it’s something as all-encompassing as your social media presence and keeping it fresh and new? Social media is a powerful marketing and ... more
  • Luminate Online & TeamRaiser Quarterly Roadmap Update
    Raiser's Edge NXT Roadmap Webinar Schedule For 2019
    What's the best way to learn about what's new and coming soon to Raiser's Edge NXT? Tune in to the Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Fundraising and Marketing Update webinars to learn how your solution is evolving to deliver the latest technology to your organization. In these webinars, experts from our product development team recap what we've been working ... more
  • buzz_031819_500x50
    The Buzz: Ninja Training Week 2
    Good Morning Community! Welcome back to the weekly Round-Up of all the hot happenings inside the Blackbaud Community.  We're coming to you a little early this week so that everyone who's participating (or looking to participate) in our Ninja Training Program has the full week to accomplish their tasks. So let's get cracking in our latest edition ... more