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Everything you need to know about SKY Reporting for K-12
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  • Update To The New Donor Central - 2/15/18 Release
    Take a look at the enhancement that's available in our latest release! more
  • Blackbaud CRM & BBIS SP15 Is Now Available!
    We are pleased to announce that the Q1 2018 Release of Blackbaud CRM & BBIS is now available.  Service Pack 15 for version 4.0 released today, and is available on the Blackbaud  downloads page .     We listened to your feedback on how we could extend some features you use the most, and added significant improvements to help you derive even more value:    ... more
  • Table Totals
    What's New For February 2018: Calculations For Table Insights
    In Analysis , Insights , you can design tables to view measures and attributes as rows and columns, like a spreadsheet. When you design a table with at least one measure and attribute, you can now apply a calculations — such as sum, average, or median — to a column's values. To calculate a column, hover over the column, select ∑, and choose the calcuation to ... more
  • Blackbaud University
    Celebrating Certified Users
    Celebrating our Luminate Online Certified Users Blackbaud University continues to celebrate our Luminate Online Certified users . For the month of January we have a new list of professionals who have earned their Luminate Online Fundamentals certification. Be sure to review our listing and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, ... more
  • Accessing Today's Roadmap Webcast
    Just a reminder that we have a BBCRM roadmap call today from 2-3 ET.  Hope you saw the previous post in the Community with a link to register.   One change we’re making to the Roadmap calls for this year, is that we’re standardizing on the On24 webcast environment, providing audio access through your computer speakers and removing the audio bridge option. ... more
  • Check
    Is Your VCO/Report Complete? Yes, You Need Validation!
    If you are new to Financial Edge, or even if you aren't and just stepped into a database that was already set up for you, you may not be familiar with the situation where you need a VCO as a basis for any report you are running.  Well I hope to address some of that with this article as well as share some tips and tricks for you. The VCO is the backbone of every ... more
  • Revised Update On Service Pack 15 Release
    Blackbaud CRM 4.0 Service Pack 15 was previously anticipated to release on 2/14, but will instead release within the next several days.   This shift in dates does not reflect a shift in the quality of this Service Pack, but does provide for adequate time to test critical processes and ensure that we are providing you with the best solution possible. The ... more
  • BBU252x252
    Speed Your Way To Your Goals
    As a working mom of two hungry boys, I rely on technology to help me get to my end result (full kids) as quickly as possible. When my crockpot broke and my microwave melted (thanks to my boys and a metal bowl), I started researching replacements. I read about a new kitchen appliance that saves time and takes less planning, the electric pressure cooker . ... more
  • Kim Header
    Meet Kim Kraus!
    Meet (and friend!) Kim Kraus, a Blackbaud NetCommunity, Sphere, Blackbaud Merchant Services, and Raiser's Edge user, with Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. more
  • Spotlight on Altru
    Adding Features to Programs After the Initial Setup
    There are many things to consider when setting up your programs in Altru. Do I need to print tickets? Will this be a recurring event? Do I need a roster of attendees? Our previous blog post on configuring programs and events covered what features you may need and which type of program would be the most beneficial for what you are looking for. We will now cover ... more