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  • Resolved: Users May Be Logged Out Of Altru
    Our hosting administrators have stabilized services for Altru users. At this time, other products such as Financial Edge may still have a subset of users that are impacted. We realize any issue is completely unacceptable and we deeply apologize. To support continued customer growth and expanded capabilities we are continuously modernizing our ... more
  • Introducing A New Event Series For The SKY Reporting EAP: Ask Me Anything About SKY Reporting In K-12 'ON'
    Apologies - I had the wrong times in this post. I've updated them to reflect the real times. I am super excited to introduce a new event series to the SKY Reporting in K-12 'ON' EAP! This series, called " Ask Me Anything about SKY Reporting in K-12 'ON' " is a 30 minute session held every other week where you can talk directly to the Blackbaud team members who are ... more
  • Relationships: Connecting The Dots Around A Constituent
    To enhance your fundraising efforts and interactions, you can track detailed information about a constituent's relationships with other individuals and organization, such as family, friends, and employers. The more relationships you track, the more connections between your constituents become evident, similar to a profile on LinkedIn .   more
  • Holly's Helpful Hints: How To Find Answers To Questions, Part 1
    At least once a day I say: "I have so many questions." I like questions. I like learning. And I like being able to find answers. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to focus on how the community can help you find answers to your questions.  Today I'm going to talk about our global search. The global search bar for the Blackbaud Community is found on the home ... more
  • The Big Red Dog, Altru, And Applying Tickets To A Membership
    My family and I recently made a trip to a local museum. Our goal was to make family memories and introduce our little one to a very special exhibit featuring his current favorite character—a big red dog. As we purchased our tickets, our friendly ticket seller asked if we’d considered a museum membership. She quickly ticked off some of her favorite ... more
  • What's New For Aug 23: Multiple Dashboards For SKY Reporting EAP
    To help enable focused analysis, you can now create and manage multiple dashboards — each with its own context and related metrics — in Analyze , Dashboard Builder .   To create a new dashboard, select Add dashboard , give it a unique name, add its related insights and KPIs, and select Save & Publish . To remove an unused dashboard, select it in Analyze , ... more
  • Asking For – And Getting - Increased Gift Amounts: Best Practices For Using Your RE NXT Analytics Or Fundraising Essentials Next Ask Amount Scores
    HERE'S THE SCENARIO:  You’ve just finished a lengthy conversation with your Target Analytics STRATEGIC CONSULTANT about the wealth ratings and analytics in RE NXT .  Or, maybe you’ve just completed the Fundraising Essentials analytics training available from Blackbaud University …. either way, you’re ready to start using the returned results -- they're similar in their application.  Raiser’s Edge NXT Essentials and Professional level subscribers, as well as, all Fundraising Essentials users, now have one of six NEXT ASK AMOUNT RANGES   for each record from the analytics screening. Your Target Analytics Professional Services consultant presented a compelling case for using them to increase gift amounts from your donors.  You also thought that the CHARTS AND DIAGRAMS discussed were interesting -- you had a spark of an idea -- but now it’s fading…  WHERE DO YOU START?!   more
  • Investigating An Issue With Users Being Logged out of Altru
    We have received several reports of users getting logged out of Altru or receiving errors.  The error is: A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server. (Provider: TCP Provider, error:0 - The semaphore timeout period has expired.) Our hosting administrator teams are actively investigating this issue.  We will update ... more
  • Filter By Wealth: A Peek Into Your Constituents' Capacity To Give
    Now you can do even more with Lists in Luminate Beta ! Filter your consituents based on their Wealth rating - a five-star system based on assets. With this sneak peek into your constituents' financial standing and capacity to give, you can help determine where to focus your fundraising energies and which donors to ask for larger gifts. Keep in mind the ... more
  • Meet Cathy Spencer!
    Meet (and friend!) Cathy Spencer, a Raiser's Edge, RENXT, Online Express, and Blackbaud Merchant Services user, with the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation. She's also our Community song bird. Cathy composed and sang a song about bbcon for our video contest! more