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  • Duplicates: Better To Prevent Than To Clean Up
    In my last blog , over in the Financial Edge Tips and Tricks area, I talked about keeping data clean. I typically include a tip or a trick but I forgot to do so in that posting (my apologies!). So, in this blog, for those of you using Financial Edge NXT I thought I’d toss out a few ideas related to keeping data clean. If you’ve taken any Blackbaud University ... more
  • Altru Roadmap Review: Blackbaud SKY
    Watch a recording of Blackbaud's quarterly  Altru Roadmap Review  to learn about Blackbaud SKY™ and what our go-forward technology strategy means for Altru customers. Hear creative ways your peers are using our new Guest Pass functionality and how to use it at your organization. And get the scoop on the continued expansion of our  Altru partner ... more
  • Insight Recipes: Campaign, Fund, Appeal Goals-to-Revenue Comparisons
    With insights, you can pair attributes with measures to break down totals and compare categorical data. For starters in Raiser's Edge NXT , try these "recipes" — based on ideas from the SKY Reporting EAP Community, with measures and attributes as the main ingredients — to compare the goals of your campaigns, funds, and appeals to their giving.   more
  • Getting Started With Dashboard Attribute Filters
    To use an attribute filter, select Edit , move Attribute Filter from under New item to the dashboard, choose the attribute and criteria of the records to include, and then select Apply . By default, your dashboard includes the Date range filter. With this filter, you can analyze records in context of a specific time period, such as Last 7 days or This ... more
  • June 28, 2017 Release: EAP Updates
    Starting today, 'ON' users with the SKY Reporting role can access the initial version of the Dashboard builder. Use the Dashboard page to create, edit and delete one dashboard page, which is visible to all users with SKY Reporting role access at your school.  In a later release, you'll be able to create more than one dashboard, but for now, everyone at a ... more
  • Changes To The Constituent API
    The Constituent API was updated on 6/27/2017. See our  Changelog  entries for more information. We updated the concept of inactive addresses to be consistent across address endpoints and better aligned with the web interface. Now, addresses are only marked inactive if their end_date is in the past. more
  • Meet Megan Shackle!
    Meet (and friend!) Megan Shackle, a Target Analytics, Raiser's Edge, and NetCommunity user, with Como Friends. more
  • The Road To Blackbaud University Day: Swag Giveaway
    This October, bbcon 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland is shaping up to be one of our best events yet. As a Blackbaud University instructor I’ve had the pleasure of educating clients for more than two years, both online and in person. But this will be my first time attending bbcon and teaching Learn Lab sessions — and I can’t wait! I’m super excited to share my ... more
  • What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of June 27
    This week, Raiser's Edge NXT updates with a handful of enhancements to Lists and the constituent map!   more
  • Community Happenings: June 27 2017
    Hello Community!   Yesterday marked the 20 th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book being published.   I’ll always remember dressing up for the movie premieres - homemade wands, lightning bolts, and even a cat tail and ears. It became a tradition for my friends – a moment to reconnect around something that had become entwined in our lives.   Once I ... more