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I have moved several times as an adult. Each move has started out much the same: I am charged with a burst of energy to reorganize and evaluate all my worldly possessions. I purge and develop a unique color-coded system to organize boxes. I tell myself, “This move will be different! It won’t be stressful!” But life happens, and inevitably as the big day ...
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  • Target
    It's the time for 1099's!
    It's that time of year again, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season gives way to the start of the tax season.  As overwhelming as this time of year can be, we are here to help you streamline the process and get on track! Below are several resources to help you put your best foot forward and ensure smooth sailing this tax season! Step-by-Step Guides: 1099 ... more
  • What's New
    What's New (December 10)
    Here is the latest in Blackbaud Church Management ! Small groups The new small group search pages makes it easy for people to find the right group for them and request to join. From the small group page, they can search for small groups that fit their lifestyle, such as by gender, topic, category, proximity, schedule, or whether they accept new members or ... more
  • marshfield
    How do we build this for our foundation or association?
    Perhaps you are a collection of local hospitals, working as one but respecting the independent needs of each location. You could be a collection of schools or an affiliate group structure. Whatever the case, you may be looking at building out your P2P campaigns through Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising™, powered by JustGiving™ and scratching your ... more
  • BBU
    What’s the Magic Word?
    Your institution holds the key to a kingdom of information your students need! Blackbaud Learning Management System for Higher Education is like a customized key that unlocks specific information for groups of students based on their relationships with your institution. The self-paced Basics of Blackbaud Learning Management System course for ... more
  • whatsnew
    What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week of December 10
    This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces several enhancements in Events and an update to constituent records. more
  • No Image Description
    Blackbaud CRM & BBIS SP22 Is Now Available!
    We are pleased to announce that the last release for 2019 of Blackbaud CRM & BBIS is now available.  Service Pack 22 for version 4.0 released, and is available on the Blackbaud  downloads page .     In addition to the quality improvements, here’s a summary of the Enhancements and highlights included in this Service Pack:   Blackbaud Checkout ... more
  • Winter Snowman
    What’s New: K12 Product Updates For December 11
    And here we are, at the end of another year. I hope it was a productive and enjoyable one for you. I know it has been for us as well as we’ve shown inside of our Year in Review product posts. We’re not done quite yet though as we still have our final release of 2019 to share.  We’re hoping you’re on the nice list this month because we’ve got a good mix of quality of ... more
  • bbu
    Celebrating our November Certified Users
    Hi Folks!  It's that time again - time to send out a big congratulations to those community members who became Financial Edge Fundamentals Certified in November! Brenda Woodman Mary McConnel Martha Rinehart Robert Zoeller Ramon Chua Steven Godoy John Sentell Iris Frazee Thomas Conlon Sabina Visan Stephanie Duelm Ken Hoffman Kimberly Miller ... more
  • bbu
    Celebrating our November Certified Users
    Before you wrap up your 2019...and celebrate your holidays...take a few moments and congratulate those community members who certified in November. Financial Edge NXT Fundamentals Certified Julie Remmelts Dawn Ouelette Courtney Garcia Brendan Mims Yvonne Wagner Harsh Patel Nazneen Mushtaq Susan Li Rhonda Gentry Camille Walker Howard Hobgood ... more
  • stopwatch
    Using incentives and rewards
    Are your fundraisers having trouble hitting their targets?  Want to make your fundraisers feel a little bit special? Here’s a few ideas, and some examples of incentives that organizations and JustGiving have found success with. Special t-shirts or fundraising vests Reward your fundraisers with ‘Finisher’ t-shirts Consider different ... more