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  • think about things differently
    It Takes a Village: January is so Eventful!
    "I didn't get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it." - Estee Lauder We know you are all wishing, hoping and working hard to create social good.  We are wishing, hoping and working right along side of you. Last month, we asked our Blackbaud Peers to load up the Blackbaud Community events calendar so we can offer you a chance to network with other members and hopefully learn something useful to help you work toward social good. Click on the title of this blog to learn more about Events in the Blackbaud Community! more
  • Computer
    Do You Know The Best Practices For Setting Up Camps?
    I’m supposed to be typing this blog post from Yellowstone National Park, but unfortunately, I’m writing it from my office in the middle of a city. I had plans (which fell through) to go camping this week and experience the beauty of the park during the winter. Now you might be thinking, “he’s going camping in the middle of a massive national park in January ... more
  • advocacy
    Advocacy Target Update
    New officials are now contactable and available in our  January 21st, 2020  Advocacy Target update. You'll find them when you  select targets  for your action or call alerts. Officials now available for advocacy communications are:    POSITION NAME STATE     Federal Cabinet Jovita Carranza   Governor Tate Reeves MS ... more
  • Blackbaud Altru
    Staging Environments Upgraded On 1/28
    Hello Everyone,  It's almost time for the upcoming release of version 5.16 for Altru! We will be upgrading our staging environments first, and we have scheduled this to occur on Tuesday January 28th from 5pm-10pm EST.  During this time any Staging Environments may be down for a short period of time. The staging sites won't be down during the whole 5 hour ... more
  • What's New
    What's New (January 21)
    Here are the latest features in Blackbaud Church Management ! Small groups View preferred names on small group attendance lists --  When taking meeting attendance for a small group, the list of participants now displays the participant’s preferred name as well as their full name. No admin setup is required.  For more information, see  Small Group ... more
  • whatsnew
    What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week of January 21
    This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces enhancements for recurring and batch gifts. For those in the US, it also includes an update for Insight designer . more
  • BBU Hat
    Maintain: The Real Way to Get Gains in 2020
    Transform, renovate, reinvent, achieve —what do all these words have in common? Aside from often popping out from inspirational office art, they are also heard more this time of year in New Year’s resolutions. If any of these strong action words snuck into your own resolution for 2020, you’re certainly not alone. It’s common to desire a new beginning or ... more
  • bbu
    Are Your AR Goals On Track?
    A few years back, SMART goals were all the rage. The idea of not just setting goals but of how to set goals, work toward achieving them, and measuring the progress toward goals was a thing. Maybe it still is, but I don’t seem to hear about SMART goals as much as I used to. However, the idea of staying on track or actually setting a track for your financial health ... more
  • Buzz_012120_500x500
    The Buzz: Cold Weather Edition
    In this week's "The Buzz": How you can help our friends in Australia dealing with heat and brush fires How to promote online fundraising pages on Social Media What's one COOL thing about your city? ... and more! more
  • signing contracts
    What's New With EMS Contracts in 2020
    As I’ve previously mentioned, feedback is a key element to many of the things we do here. You’ve given us great ideas over the years, so I hope you keep that up. If you’re new or didn’t realize it, head over to the Ideas tab (after you read this!) and submit your concepts, thoughts, and feedback. If you’re not sure how to do that, fear not, I’ve got you covered. ... more