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Canadian BBCRM User Group - Monday, June 19th


Attention Canadian Blackbaud CRM users, especially those involved in database management and reporting. There will be a BBCRM user group at the Blackbaud Toronto office on Monday, June 19th 1:00-3:30pm ET.

  • Types of reports are you pulling, especially for prospect/campaign management, raised vs. received revenue, financial reconciliation (if it’s helpful please bring a sample report template)
  • How is information delivered to users: standard BBCRM tools (reports, KPIs, web views, etc.), via a data warehouse, and/or some other way?
  • Any reporting and/or data standards/procedures in place that would affect reporting (if applicable)
Attend in person at 400-121 Bloor St. East, Toronto, or by WebEx. All Canadian organizations welcome to join. Note: if you plan to join (and you haven't received the Outlook meeting invite from Chris Geady), please comment below.

Notes will be posted to this post after the meeting concludes for everyone to benefit!

We are looking forward to great event!
Posted by Chris Geady on Jun 15, 2017 4:01 PM America/New_York

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I Co-Chair the Jewish Federations of North America Blackbaud CRM User Group (J-BUG). Our organization, Federation CJA - the Jewish Federation of Montreal, along with the Jewish Federations of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Calgary are all using BBCRM, and we hope that the Jewish Federation of Toronto will join our collective shortly.

I hadn;t seen this hotice previously, but we will try to participate today, and would love to be part of the Canadian user Group. We've been live on CRM for 2 years.

Judith Leichter, Federation CJA Montreal
  • Posted Mon 19 Jun 2017 07:25 AM EDT
Hi Judith, great to hear from you. My apologies you didn't know about this BBCRM user group. I simply wasn't aware you were using BBCRM. Please join via the WebEx link in this post. I will make sure to include you on all communications in the future as we generally schedule user group meetings at least 3-4 weeks out. In fact, as a group I'd like to set a date for our next meeting.
  • Posted Mon 19 Jun 2017 08:16 AM EDT
Hi everyone, at last notes as promised! Meeting recording available here: (it's two hours of quality programming!)

  • Compassion Canada: Angela Leondidis, and Kevin Ahn
  • Concordia University: Ellen Gee, and J.J. Kwon
  • Diabetes Canada: Injela Wahidi, and Lisa Sabisch
  • Federation CJA: Judith Leichter
  • SickKids Foundation: Al Nausedas, and Anton
  • United Way of Greater Toronto: Uma Guddanti, Rhomil Baylon, and Philip Mansfield
  • University of British Columbia: Pradeep Nair
  • University of Toronto: Bert Ferreira, and Allison Dubarry
  • Effective reporting best practices:
    • “What gets measured, gets done!”
    • It’s all about culture of the organization
    • Roadshows (for P&Ps) encourage adoption
    • Have a functional leads group within the organization
    • Lunch and learns help end users
    • User engagement and training
    • Look at simplifying steps that end users need to go through using tools such as import, customizations, etc.
  • Data glossary: the group generally agreed that this would be more useful than a data dictionary (for BBCRM).
  • Note: you always need to contextualize the data. It will look “dirty” outside of the specific purpose/definition.
  • The group agreed that reports that manage cash flow are not ideal to do in BBCRM, whereas reports that display progress against fundraising goals are good to do in BBCRM.
  • Actionable reports in BBCRM support workflows and can link to the correct place (in BBCRM).
  • There was talk about fields missing from the BBDW. Check out the WebEx recording if you’re interested in getting a list of these fields.
  • Next user group coming in late-September. Be on the look out for a blog post!
    • Potential topics: document management, security roles, more data warehouse stuff from Blackbaud (exposing external tools in BBCRM)
  • Posted Tue 27 Jun 2017 05:21 PM EDT