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Update Your Primary Site URL!

Update Your site URL in SP13!
Hello, world!!!

You may recall we introduced a new, site-wide HTTPS requiremend in SP10.  Some proactive users attempting to update their Primary Site URLs in the BBIS Adminstration area in response to this change discovered an issue that prevented them from saving the URL with the "https" protocol prefixed.  Due to this issue, you'd see the 's' stripped from the field upon save.  I am happy to say this issue has has been addressed with the recent release of SP13. 

While the impact of this issue was relatively low due to other parts of the code handling the difference between http and https and making conversions were needed, continued motion towards a fully https solution required a code change to ensure that BBIS site URLs are saved with HTTPS.  I encourage anyone updating to SP13  to update all BBIS Sites' Primary Site URLs to start with "https" instead of "http" as an immediate post-upgrade task. 

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Posted by Issac Story on Aug 2, 2017 1:00 PM America/New_York