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When Less Is More: Cracking The Email Deliverability Code In 2018

By Kathryn Hall

How’s your nonprofit email program performing? If you're like most nonprofits today, you may find you have to send more emails to get the same results as you did in the past. Inbox placement rates are declining, and email response rates along with them.

Target group

Many industry experts say it’s important to refine your campaigns to send fewer, more targeted emails; yet, the truth is, it's a hard decision to make. It may be harder still to sell your management or board on this kind of "email austerity" plan.

Proof it works

We brought together communications experts from Feeding America and The Nature Conservancy for a conversation about how each of these organizations addressed the changing email landscape. Both organizations got better results by culling their email lists and refining sending practices. They also explained the specific tactics they used and shared before and after metrics, such as:

  • Feeding America culled their email list from 650K to 250K records. Despite a 60% decrease in audience size, they saw a 17% increase in revenue from email.

  • The Nature Conservancy identified and suppressed 95,000 harmful email addresses, adjusted its delivery practices, and more than doubled year end fundraising results.

Learn how

Listen to this conversation on enhancing email performance by streaming the webinar recording. You'll get specific tips for techniques to use ... and the statistics that can help you justify doing this work at your organization.

Don't have time to watch the full webinar? You can review the slides instead.

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Posted by Samantha McGuin on May 10, 2018 1:39 PM America/New_York

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