Times, They Are A Changing……..Are You? 8346

Times, They Are A Changing……..Are You?


In a world where significant change is a constant, social good organizations need to be ready to pivot and adapt to stay relevant and grow their supporter base. Read our new blog on the impact Peer-to-Peer fundraising's human element could have your organisation.

A few months back as I was talking about change management with customers, I literally knocked on wood thinking we were coming through the last of the pandemic. I was thinking how our social good organizations had weathered the big global stramash of our times, and, possibly, the pandemic is a retrospective example how organisations had pivoted and changed in tumultuous times because we partnered to work through these difficult times successfully. I was sure we’d soon go back to some sort of normality.

How little did I know what was coming.

While what is happening in Ukraine isn’t necessarily on your doorstep, the impact can be felt in numerous ways. The increasing need to support organizations aiding those affected in Ukraine along with helping the millions of people displaced in surrounding countries. In addition, we have the worldwide squeeze being felt financially by your supporters because of the global effect of this war.

In these times when the average household has some genuine fear of their future around finances, how can social good organizations look to increase revenue and supporter acquisition without taking a “misstep” at this critical global juncture?

There’s a key ingredient to success that we should never take for granted. And that is people.

People care about people. Aunties care about nephews, brothers care about sisters, and friends care about friends.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising harnesses the power of that very important human element. It cannot only increase your revenue, but also help you acquire donors and expand your online presence to new demographics.

People supporting people in their efforts is so powerful in this climate. If one person cares enough to support your mission, how many more people care about that one person? What impact can that have on your organisation not just in terms of single donations to a fundraising event, but on donor journeys/stewardship opportunities?

In Leveraging the Power of Peer-to-Peer Data we dive into the global impact and the value peer-to-peer fundraising will have on your program.

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