Please Update Citrix Receiver for Blackbaud Hosting Services

Have you updated the Citrix Receiver installed on your workstation for accessing Blackbaud’s hosted environment? We recommend that all users and workstations are on the current version. Citrix includes fixes relevant to the hosted environment in each subsequent version, as well as improves performance and stability over the older versions. Additionally, users accessing Blackbaud Hosting from Chrome will need to update to the latest version of the Citrix Receiver in order to continue accessing hosted applications after Chrome is updated later this month.

When a new version of Citrix Receiver is released, we confirm compatibility with our hosted environment, update the download links on our website, and notify users through this blog. Our Hosting Services team tested and confirmed compatibility with Citrix Receiver version 4.3 for Windows and this version is currently available on the data center landing pages under the Log In section:

Hosting Login Page

Note: There is an auto-detect feature which may prompt you to Install the Citrix Receiver before bringing up the landing page. If you receive this prompt, please click “Skip”, and download the Receiver using the links on the landing page instead (highlighted in the screenshot above).

You can also download version 4.3 for Windows directly from the Citrix website, and we have a Knowledgebase solution, How to download and Install the Citrix Application (includes video demo), with step-by-step instructions, including a short demo video.

The links above are for Windows, but Mac users can also download and install the latest Citrix Receiver version for Mac.

If you need assistance installing the latest version, please or contact our Hosting Support team using our chat feature or create a case on Case Central, choose your product, and select the Blackbaud Application Hosting topic.

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