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Welcome To Your New (Raiser’s Edge NXT) Home

Being part of a military family, I’m quite familiar with moving. Every time I get ready to move, there’s a sense of sadness and excitement—leaving a familiar community to join an unfamiliar one. Luckily, there comes excitement with a new city to explore and a new home to grow into. One of my favorite aspects of relocating is organizing all our belongings. I can purge the old, reorganize the items we keep, and welcome the new household goods. The new space allows me to showcase my belongings in a better light. Like moving to a new home, moving to a new software allows you to purge, reorganize, and welcome the new to get the most out of your new space.

When moving to Raiser’s Edge NXT, you can organize your database to make sure you fully utilize the new functionality. Moving—and preparing to move—comes with a lot of decision-making, but don’t fret! The topics below can help get you started.

Who will need entry to the new home?3f4467b2adeb49247c3a3b15c69ef4ad-origina
Raiser’s Edge NXT has two views: database view and web view. As a best practice, all users should have access to log into the web view. Not all users may need access to the database view. Determine who needs access to each area of your new home.

Who needs their own personalized room?
Raiser’s Edge NXT provides fundraisers with their own personalized Work Center. A Work Center is essentially a fundraiser’s exclusive workspace (room). Each Work Center can be customized, giving the user their own space to manage relationships. Fundraisers can mark actions completed, track their progress, and be reminded to send a thank-you. Make a list of staff members who manage a portfolio of supporters or a variety of tasks who would benefit from a personalized workspace.

Who oversees organizing the kitchen cabinets?
The kitchen is the hub of the home. Everyone uses the kitchen and needs it to be organized and efficient. You don’t want to end up going to the grocery store to buy sugar just because you didn’t know your husband put it in the wrong cabinet! It’s the same with data—you need to make sure everyone knows where data should be stored and how to use the data. In Raiser’s Edge NXT, you can report on past due actions, money raised by fundraisers, and how much money has been donated by specific age groups. If data is entered inconsistently, you won’t get the most out of your reports. Determine what information you want to be able to report on and define how and where to record it in your database.  

Moving to a new house is exciting and gives you a chance to reflect on efficiency. Is your database optimized for Raiser’s Edge NXT—or are you unsure where to start? Sign up for our new three-hour instructor-led workshop, Raiser’s Edge Workshop: Optimizing Your Database for Raiser’s Edge NXT. This workshop is ideal for users who are preparing to move to Raiser’s Edge NXT, or for those who have already moved to Raiser’s Edge NXT but want to get more out of their new home!
Posted by Jennifer Tubman on Oct 11, 2017 10:43 AM America/New_York

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