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Personalize Your Raiser’s Edge Learning Adventure

Back to school is right around the corner for many families. My children are in elementary school or college, so between supplies 5074226184a79206e0675dfc71670fc7-huge-c_shopping and reviewing everything they learned in school last year, our house is in a frenzy. Which has made me start thinking about my schooling and professional development. What have I learned lately? What skills do I need to refresh or gain?

You may be in the same boat—thinking about your own learning and professional development. Do you need to refresh or add to your Raiser's Edge skills? Of course, where you start in your Raiser’s Edge professional development depends on your current Raiser’s Edge skills.

During the rest of this blog, you can select your own learning adventure based on your current Raiser’s Edge starting point.

Path 1: Have you completed the Raiser’s Edge Fundamentals course series or are you Raiser’s Edge certified?
If not, skip to Path 2.

Great! When did you complete the Fundamentals series or earn your certification? If it was more than a few months ago, you may want to refresh and review the concepts you learned.

As a special benefit for our Raiser's Edge Learn More® or Learn Everything® training subscribers, Blackbaud University is offering a Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals—Constituents and Gifts Refresher course and a Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals—Query, Reports, and Export Refresher course. Review and refresh your Raiser’s Edge skills in 90 minutes with hands-on activities. Sign up quickly because this course is only being offered for a limited time, and space is limited. Note: Refresher courses do not cover Raiser’s Edge NXT web view.

Remember to certify your Raiser’s Edge Fundamentals knowledge every year, to test and validate your knowledge. Certify your advanced Raiser’s Edge skills with the Raiser’s Edge Professional Certification.

Path 2: Have you been using Raiser’s Edge for more than 2 years or are you Raiser’s Edge certified?
If not, skip to Path 3.

If you haven’t already, get Raiser’s Edge Fundamentals and Professional certified. Certification is a great way to test and validate your skills.

Next, take one of the Raiser’s Edge additional courses to build your Raiser’s Edge knowledge and expedite your skills.

Path 3: Are you new to Raiser’s Edge or need to add to your Raiser’s Edge skills?
If not, skip to the Summary.

If you are short on time or need a quick introduction to Raiser’s Edge navigation and terminology, start with the eLearning courses which are available on demand 24/7.

Ready to dive in and learn the ins and outs of Raiser’s Edge and how to accomplish tasks using Raiser’s Edge tools? Take the Fundamentals series either in-person or virtually.


Whether you are new to Raiser’s Edge, a skilled user, or a social good professional, we have trainings perfect for your skill level.
Where is your Raiser’s Edge learning adventure taking you? Please share in the comments!
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Posted by Melissa Rancour on Jul 30, 2019 10:38 AM America/New_York

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Your post says the Refresher courses are only 90 minutes in length. When I click on the link to locate the available sessions, they are listed as 3 hours in length. Thanks.
  • Posted Wed 31 Jul 2019 08:58 AM EDT
Hi Tina,
Thank you for letting us know. We are updating the sessions to list the correct 1.5 hours.
Sorry for the confusion. 
  • Posted Thu 01 Aug 2019 11:56 AM EDT