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Blackbaud Education Management What's New For June 14, 2022


Here are all of the latest changes, updates, and new features for the Education management products for June 14, 2022.

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This week in the blog, we discussed the plans for the summer months and what you have to look forward to with Blackbaud’s Education management products. Have a look here.

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Gradebook list

Gradebook Managers can now access and manage gradebooks from an updated list view in Academics > Grades > Gradebooks. The list can be filtered by School year and School level. Users can also search for Faculty or Gradebook and open gradebooks from the list view.

Billing management

Show Amount due breakdown on billing statements

The ‘Charging for’ section featured when editing statement templates has a new configuration option, ‘Show amount due breakdown’.
When toggled, the statement shows both the distinct amounts for ‘Past due’ and ‘Current due’. Otherwise, ‘Amount due’ represents the sum of both ‘Past due’ and ‘Current due’. When ‘Show due date’ is toggled alongside ‘Show amount due breakdown’, ‘Past due’ is relabeled to ‘Due immediately’, and ‘Current due’ is relabeled to ‘Due by <date>’; ‘<date>’ reflects the date the first installment date of the included charges/installments.

An example of how ‘Amount due’ is displayed based on the different ‘Charging for’ statement template configuration options:

Enrollment management


Admissions managers can now bulk assign admissions staff from the Candidate list. In addition, admissions staff can be changed from here as well.


Blackbaud ID: Migrate by July 26

The last day users can log in with legacy usernames and passwords is July 25, 2022. On July 26, all users must log in with Blackbaud ID.
Alumni do not need to login with a single sign on (SSO), such as if alumni are not part of your school’s domain. They still need to login with Blackbaud ID.

Platform managers can migrate users to Blackbaud ID via the links on the Core home dashboard. They can also export user lists for use in mail merges and other communications.

Authenticating with Blackbaud ID:
  • ensures an even more secure authentication process,
  • enables users to further enhance security by enabling multi-factor authentication through text messages or mobile authenticators,
  • enables users to login to multiple Blackbaud solutions and support resources with a single username and password,
  • enables users to login with “social authentication” via Google’s authentication requirements, password resets, and other support needs,
  • enables users to help themselves reset forgotten passwords, rather than platform managers needing to provide tech support for forgotten passwords,
  • enables schools to enable an optional SSO for any roles they prefer, so that those users sign in with the school’s identity providers and the school can then manage the users in their claimed domains.

Enforce Blackbaud ID Requirement (Opt-In to EAP)

Platform managers can select to join the early adopter program (EAP) which forces all users to log in with Blackbaud ID (BBID) before it’s required for all schools.

From Core, select Security, select Blackbaud ID authentication, select Enforce Blackbaud ID authentication, and finally select Enforce to confirm you want to join the EAP.

When you enforce BBID, all users, regardless of their security role, will be required to log in with Blackbaud ID.

During the EAP, you can revert and opt out to stop enforcing BBID. However, later this year, it will still be enforced for all schools, all users, and all security roles, as previously announced.

Tip: During implementation, your school may have been configured to enforce BBID by default. If so, you won’t see the options for this EAP. The button to Enforce Blackbaud ID authentication and the button to turn it off won’t appear. Your users already use BBID. You don’t need to take any further action.

API and Integrations

(School) SKY API

For information about recently added endpoints and updates, view the School API changelog.
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