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Utilize Automatic And Custom Reporting In Raiser’s Edge NXT

Just like records, recipes are made to be broken.

This doesn’t apply to the classics, of course. I wouldn’t dare alter my grandma’s famous potato soup … not unless I wanted a riot on my hands.

Depending on who you’re feeding, however, sometimes it’s better to get creative. I make a great vegan-friendly potato dish, as well as a tantalizing meat-lover’s pizza. That’s the mark of a good cook: being able to cater to the tastes of your audience.

It’s much the same with dashboards in Raiser’s Edge NXT, as you’ll see in our new Reporting and Analysis course. Sometimes—like when creating board reports or tracking fundraiser actions—you’re better off sticking to your standard reporting options in Fundraising > Reporting. Just adjust a few filters and you’re good to go!

Most of the time, however, you’re going to need dashboards specific to your organization. Maybe your executive director is always asking for the same eight metrics. No problem! You can easily create a custom dashboard to meet her needs in Analyze > Report builder.

Go ahead and register for the course today. Then, see what dashboards you can “cook” up for your organization.
Posted by Kody Jackson on Jan 15, 2019 11:11 AM America/New_York

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