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What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of July 9

This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces a new option to organize dashboards in Report builder. Also, the waved roll out of gift batches begins and Social posting is now available for those who also have Blackbaud NetCommunity.   
Add a text box to a dashboard. 1c080276daeb3b5c1ce3bf23d96a927a-huge-daTo help organize your dashboards under Analysis, Report builder, you can now add text boxes to label or group insights. On the dashboard builder toolbox, select Text box under Page elements, and then move the text box where you want it to appear on the dashboard. 

To add text and choose a text style, select Edit properties. For more information, see Manage Dashboards

For some of you: 

Enter gifts in batch37ebbd1264f72d0bdaa759d8aff9b6fd-huge-giFrom Fundraising, Gift management, you can now add multiple gift records together as a group. For example, you can enter a batch of the week's one-time gifts paid by check.

With gift batches, you can:
  • Manage gifts as a group with a shared batch ID.
  • Use the batch approval process for data quality control.
  • Save batches while in progress and return later to add more gifts.
In future releases, gifts from other sources, such as donation forms and automatic recurring gifts, will be automatically placed into unapproved batches based on source, date, payment method, and payment configuration. You'll be able to review the gifts before you approve the batch and create gift records. 

For more information, see Gift Management. For more information about what's coming down the road, check out Gift Batch Preview and Coming Attractions.

Create and schedule online posts (for those who also have Blackbaud NetCommunity). With Social posting, you can engage with your supporters on Facebook and Twitter from a central location in Raiser's Edge NXT. From Marketing, Social, you can create the content of your posts, add images (up to four per post!), post immediately to your social media accounts (or schedule them for later), and keep track of all previous posts. For more information, see Social Posting.

Note: Don't see this feature? Contact your sales representative to learn about our advanced marketing capabilities. 
Posted by Kimberly Coughlin on Jul 9, 2019 12:22 PM America/New_York

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We have just discovered the Social Media posting and our Annual Giving and Events peeps are super excited. They've already linked them up and made a post or two. Will there be any further integration that may give information on who, in the DB, may have liked or shared a specific post? Similar to how you can see in an OLX Appeal if someone opened or clicked through an e-mail.
  • Posted Thu 18 Jul 2019 03:03 PM EDT