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What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of June 30

This week, Raiser's Edge NXT announces that the Blackbaud App Marketplace is generally available. Also, it introduces several enhancements in Events
Explore the new Blackbaud App Marketplace (now generally available). The new Blackbaud App Marketplace features applications by Blackbaud and Blackbaud partners that enable you to extend the functionality of your Blackbaud solutions. All Blackbaud environment users with a Blackbaud ID can access the new App Marketplace to browse what’s available. Admins can still access the Applications page from within Raiser's Edge NXT to manage connections, including manually adding apps that aren’t in the App Marketplace. Also, the Applications page will now only show apps that are compatible with Raiser's Edge NXT.

Quickly navigate to the App Marketplace from the Solutions menu in the upper left of your Blackbaud-ID supported solutions, or access it directly.

Key features include:

  • It’s easier to discover solutions that will benefit your organization.

  • Filters help you find which applications are compatible with your Blackbaud solutions.

  • Enhanced security ensures only admins can connect or disconnect applications.

  • See at a glance which applications are connected to your Blackbaud environment.

  • Get updates when new applications are added!

Ready to learn more about an application? In the App Marketplace, select an application card to see key highlights, support links, and contact the application owner for more information.

Export the event list. T804b9ffdbd8aec23c530803d50755b85-huge-evo help compare and analyze data across events, you can now export and download your organization’s list of events to a spreadsheet application — such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets — as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. For example, download the list to report on revenue across events.

From Events, select Export fa-file-excel.png. When the export completes, select Download file. For more information, see Events.

Add event categories in web view. To further streamline event setup in web view, you can now manage event categories in Events. For example, add categories for golf tournaments or annual fundraisers and choose them from the Category field when you add events. Previously, you set up categories as event types in the database view.

From EventsEvents settings fa-gear.png, select Event categoryAdd. Next, enter the name of the new category and choose whether it’s currently active.

For more information, see Events Settings.

Note: To limit access to Events settings, use the new Settings permission for event roles from Control panelSecurity.

Posted by Kimberly Coughlin on Jun 30, 2020 3:35 PM America/New_York

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I think it is important to be very clear about this, so am posting mostly for others who will read this blog post.

Database view has Event Type (defined by clients) and Event Category (radio buttons that are built in to the system).

What was Event Type in database view is now Event Category in webview.
  • Posted Wed 01 Jul 2020 08:59 AM EDT
Thanks Karen Diener for including those details here. For folks who miss this blog post, we also cover the differences in the Event Settings topic of the help files.

  • Posted Wed 01 Jul 2020 09:10 AM EDT