What's New in Raiser's Edge NXT the Week of November 10 7272

What's New in Raiser's Edge NXT the Week of November 10


This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces enhancements to the JustGiving integration. 

Improvements to the JustGiving integration. 

To help you better track gifts from JustGiving, several improvements are now available:

  • From Control panelSettingsJustGiving integration, you can set default values for PackageReceipt statusAcknowledgement statusAcknowledgement letter, and Gift subtype. Previously, you could only set defaults for CampaignFund, and Appeal. Also, to help you quickly find fields, the default settings are now organized into tabs.


  • From EditSettings overrides, you can now set a default for Package when gifts are donated to specific campaigns.

  • When donors give anonymously, the integration now attempts to identify matching constituent records in Raiser's Edge NXT with whatever information donors provide (such as their email addresses). If a match is found, the gift is applied to the constituent. Otherwise, the gift is applied to an anonymous constituent record.

    Note: Donations given anonymously from the United Kingdom are always applied to an anonymous constituent record.

  • If a donor selects to cover the platform fees in JustGiving, the donation amount in Raiser's Edge NXT now includes both the original amount plus the fee.

For more information, see JustGiving Integration.

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Erin Cox Erin Cox Nov '20
What does the JustGiving anonymous constituent record look like?  How do I find it/them? I would assume most of us have a general "anonymous" record, would it be a valid suggestion to allow us to link/select which record we want anonymous gifts to be assigned. Or is the expectation that while reviewing the batch in NXT, we select that record?  Assuming the JG giving created anonymous record will share/show no contact information...no email, no limited name, etc.  
Great questions Erin Cox! If you already have a general "anonymous" record, you can enter the same name and email address from the existing record when you set your integration details. Otherwise, the integration creates a new constituent record with the name and email address you set up as the default.