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What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of November 17


This week, Raiser's Edge NXT announces that the new list filtering experience and system notifications are now generally available. Changes this week also include improvements to guest matching in events.   

Quickly refine list criteria with the new list filtering experience (now generally available).

To simplify the experience of refining criteria to apply to your lists, you will now be able to pick filters to narrow down your results, set default filters so that each new list appears with your most used criteria, and quickly clear filters and filter values.

8f7b977636749d17ea5bcff4b515cb09-huge-liTo select filters, select Choose filters bb-filter.png and mark or clear the checkbox next to the criteria of the records to work with then select Apply changes.

Tip: To select filters that always appear at the top of the list when you open a new list, you can set default filters. Select the checkboxes next to the filters you wish to make default and select Set as default filters. If you choose not to set default filters, then commonly used filters based on the list type will appear at the top for you to easily set values for.

When you apply filters, they appear at the top of the list. Select the filter to choose its values then select Apply filter.

To reset a value for a specific filter, choose the filter at the top of the list and select Clear filter. To reset all filters to their original values, select Clear all values and confirm that you want to remove the values you selected.

Note: No filters will be removed from your list, just the values you applied.

In addition to a simplified filter experience, we’ve also made updates to individual filters to make them more robust:

  • You can now specify the last amount of days to filter by when you apply Gift date and Post date. Previously, you could only select to filter on the last 7, 90, or 365 days.

  • When you filter by Age, you can now narrow constituent records by more options. For example, you can now choose to view records of constituents who are equal to or greater than 18 years old. Previously, you could only filter constituents within a range of years.

  • If you select to filter gifts by Batch number, you now have more options for which gifts to include. Previously, you could only include only gifts that started with or were equal to the number you entered.

For more information, see Lists.

View system notifications (now generally available).

Notifications are now available to highlight information about long-running background tasks such as large list exports. When tasks complete, a popup message briefly appears on the page, and an item appears in the new notification bell icon in the top navigation.


Note: Notifications are currently only available for select tasks. In future releases, we’ll include them with more capabilities.

Improved guest matching in events (for those with online registration forms).

Because events can only include a constituent's record once, now when participants register guests online for events, Raiser's Edge NXT checks whether the guests are already event participants. If they are, their records are updated depending on their current statuses.

For example, if a company purchases a ticket for a person who’s already registered, Raiser's Edge NXT creates a named guest record for them in the company’s party so you can determine how to apply the duplicate registration. Previously, guests with existing records were always added as unknown guests (without contact information) of the host participants who registered them through forms.

For more information, see Guest Matching.

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These filter changes have been a nightmare for us.  We can no longer filter by fundraiser type without choosing assigned to Me, or Me and Anyone else, or Me and someone specific.  That means as a data manager who is NOT assigned to these portfolios, I can no longer filter to see the Primary managers of specific portfolios.  The gift officers have found that when they filter their portfolios the counts are inaccurate listing only 20 out of 70 assigned donors.  NOT HAPPY with these filter changes
Deb, thanks for bringing this to our attention. This was unintentional and we are going to remove the restriction in work center so you can filter by just fundraiser type. Sorry for the confusion and frustration on this. We'll get that fixed ASAP.