What's New in Raiser's Edge NXT The Week of February 23 7464

What's New in Raiser's Edge NXT The Week of February 23


This week, Raiser's Edge NXT announces updated terminology for Consolidated receipts.

Consolidated receipts are now Giving statements (for those with Gift receipting).

We changed the name of the Consolidated receipts feature under Fundraising to Giving statements because we received feedback that the previous name was misleading. The feature provides an easy way to send donors a collective summary of their giving over a defined time period, so Giving statements better reflects the feature’s intended purpose.

For additional insights into this change, see this post.

Don't see Gift receipting or Giving statements? No need to worry. If all goes well based on feedback and usage, expect the wider release of these features in a future update.

News Raiser's Edge NXT Blog 02/23/2021 3:00pm EST

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Love this new feature.  Can't wait to try it out.
If you add a few more filters such as campaign and fund this would be very useful when constituents as for certain details of their giving.
We agree! Stay tuned to future “What’s new!” updates to be informed about when this area allows for more filter options. No details on expected timing available at the moment, but I think you’ll be excited about some of the enhancements we have planned.