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Star Wars, Toy Story, & Altru Training?

Star Wars pioneered special effects. George Lucas had to create, really from the ground up, the special effects seen in Star Wars. He created the environment he needed to accomplish a task, and movies are reaping the benefits even to this day.

Toy Story was the first movie to be completely computer animated. They had to design the software and supply the hardware needed to execute such a large feat.  What they created went on to change animated movies from that point forward.

I know, at this point you are saying, now what does all this have to do with Altru?

Today we are proud to announce that Blackbaud University is rolling out eLearning for Altru. That’s right, the Altru Learn subscription just got even better with self-paced courses that you can take on your schedule! These eLearning courses are available to all customers who have the Learn Basics tier of the Learn subscription, which is already included with Altru. That means you can take advantage of this new course at no additional investment, just because you are an Altru customer! The eLearning courses are also included in the Learn More and Learn Everything tiers. Find out how your Learn subscription can help develop your efficiency and ongoing skills. 

Blackbaud University eLearning is known for providing self-paced courses that help expand and develop your product knowledge. You can start a course and follow along at your own pace. Want to rewind a section? Go ahead! Need to revisit a key point a few days later, feel free to!

The first eLearning course for Altru, Basics of Altru is now available in Training Central. This course covers the very basics of the program and is perfect for organizations who have just implemented Altru, new users, new employees, and those who feel they need a refresher.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the newest addition to the Altru line up, Basics of Altru offered by Blackbaud University!
Posted by Molly Ward on Jan 19, 2017 3:51 PM America/New_York