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My four-year-old son has just recently learned the word shortcut. I’m not sure if he learned it from his grandmother or his dad. They both like to tell him the way they take to go home is shorter than the one I take. Either way, my son has recently begun requesting shortcuts when we’re in the car. I often hear, “Mommy, is this the shortcut?” Or my favorite, “Mommy, make sure you take the shortcut home!”

Shortcuts are useful when navigating roads, but also useful in navigating software. I always get excited about software quick keys or shortcuts. Shortcuts make life easier and make me happy.

I’d like to share a little Altru shortcut with you. On the left side of the Altru screen, at the top of the dark gray panel is the Shortcuts feature. The pages you frequently access can easily be added to Shortcuts. You can also add individual and group records to Shortcuts. 

To add a page or record to your Shortcuts follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the record/page.
  2. Click Add this page to shortcuts.

It’s so simple! And to delete or organize your shortcuts, just click Manage my shortcuts.

During my day-to-day work routine in Altru, I often access household records and constituent records. I can save time and effort by adding my most frequently accessed records to Shortcuts. 

For more helpful tips on using Altru and constituent records, check out Blackbaud University’s newest eLearning course, Altru: Basics of Constituents. This amazing Blackbaud University eLearning course is included in your Altru subscription—so, no need to wait, go learn more about constituent engagement today! 

See you in class!

Posted by LeAnn Drake on Nov 28, 2017 12:43 PM America/New_York