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That Dream You Have

True confessions: I have a recurring dream where I am about to teach a class and the power goes out, my voice disappears, and I don’t have any of my materials. It’s the triple threat of bad news for a facilitator/instructor—mechanical failure, human body limits, and unpreparedness. For me, it’s a bit cold-sweat inducing. Do you have those kinds of dreams, or is it just me?

In a way, the classes I write are dreams I have. They are little nuggets of learning based on what I know, what I’ve researched, what people have told me they’d like to learn about. In the case of the upcoming workshop I mentioned in my last blog, I pulled together as many resources and activities as I could on retention. Remember, I mentioned that this learning session will be more of a think-tank and a means of attacking a problem or focusing on building a plan or document. I have researched, interviewed, discussed, and created. I’ve put pieces of myself into this workshop and it’s close to becoming a reality.

I don’t have the details yet, but I will soon, and I promise I will post them. But for those of you interested in attending, I wanted to let you know that we’ll be tackling retention. Member, donor, and volunteer retention. (If you don’t think they’re connected…well, they are.)

So, what was the whole buildup about my dream? I guess the dream about falling short is indicative of what I feel after writing a new class. Have I made the classroom experience effective yet fun for attendees? Have I gone into too much detail? Will everything be ready on time? (I’m one of those people who is painfully early to everything and so being on-time is being late to me!) Stay tuned. The next blog will include links and even more information.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering—do any of you have those kinds of dreams (the ones that keep coming back and are moderately obtuse in meaning)? What brings them on for you? Leave me a comment.
Posted by Mary Aquino on May 21, 2019 7:30 AM America/New_York

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