Celebrating Our July Certified Users 7873

Celebrating Our July Certified Users

Blackbaud University is excited to celebrate our Blackbaud Altru users who became Blackbaud Certified in July!

To all our Blackbaud Altru Certified professionals, let me be the first to say a well-earned and heartfelt congratulations! REMEMBER to show off your certification on your LinkedIn profile!

Be sure to review our listing and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud Community friends, or just congratulating them on this significant achievement.

Andrews, Kenyatta

Aponte, Sondi
Atkinson, Alexandra
Bolin, Deanna
Brown, Gerri
Buhlig, Sarah
Burton, Katie
Cartier, Margaret
Cartina, Denise
Chappell, Karina
Chen, Millie
Chesser, Chelsea
Cid, Savannah
Cruz, Samantha
Davenport, Shatoyia
Dell'Arena, Ariel
Field, Andrea
Finneran, Holly
Fisher, Leigh-Ann
Gleason, John
Goff, Jon
Greenough, Matt
Harrison, Lauren
Hawthorne, Kevin
Hirsch, Preuit
Hyland, Charlotte
Intern, Development
Johnson, Kayden
Langer, Lara
Licata, Michelle
Lippman, Cara
Luther, Kimberly
Mackey, Katie
Mauney, Kent
Miles, Cassandra
Mosier, Lauren
Patel, Rahi
Razo, Maria
Reese, Nate
Rose, Allison
Shafer, Elizabeth
Smithers, Tamar
Snyder, Kimberly
Sommer, Mary
Stahl, Jared
Tepper, Brittany
Tuminaro, Craig
Underwood, Ashley
Waggy, Stephanie
Walker, Nikki
Wall, J
Whitman, Annarosa
Wilkins, Katya
Williams, Maggie
Young, Yateena
Zlock, Colleen

Congratulations to each of you on this amazing accomplishment. Interested in joining the list? Click here to learn how you can become Blackbaud Altru Fundamentals certified today!
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