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From Birthday Parties To Fundraisers: Creating Successful Events

I recently planned my daughter’s fourth birthday party. And as a highly organized person, this was quite a task for me. I had to figure out who to invite, where it was going to be, when to have the party, and if I wanted guests to bring my daughter a gift. Because she certainly needed more toys.

As an organization, planning your events may seem just as tedious. But it doesn’t have to be. 

If you follow some simple guidelines, you can keep your goals on track and get your community involved with your mission:
  • Consider how many people are allowed to attend your event. What will your organization do when you reach the venue’s capacity?
  • Decide on the event ticket price. Will your event be free? Will you allow participants to donate toward your fundraiser without attending?
  • Determine where you would like to allocate the funds. Do you have multiple funds that you would like participants to contribute toward?
  • Plan future events by analyzing your success. What would you do differently for a more successful fundraiser?
  • Express your gratitude to the participants and volunteers who made your event successful. How do you thank the people who were part of your event efforts?
As for my daughter’s birthday event, I opted for donations to be made to a local organization for children in need, in lieu of more toys piling up in my house. I also asked family members who were unable to attend to send money toward my daughter’s savings account. It was simple! And it was a success!

I followed up with thank-you notes to everyone. And yes, I made my daughter sign her name!

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Posted by Amy McIntyre on May 29, 2018 2:49 PM America/New_York