I have moved several times as an adult. Each move has started out much the same: I am charged with a burst of energy to reorganize and evaluate all my worldly possessions. I purge and develop a unique color-coded system to organize boxes. I tell myself, “This move will be different! It won’t be stressful!” But life happens, and inevitably as the big day arrives I find myself throwing random items into boxes (those juice glasses don’t need to be wrapped in newspaper, we can just put them in this bin of baby clothes!) and then dumping said boxes into a spare room of my new abode to be dealt with later.

Maybe you have not physically moved recently, but have you embarked on a digital migration or move? Often when moving to a new database or school year, you start off with great organization intentions (just like me). But as reality sets in and timelines rapidly progress, you fall into a similar practice of dumping everything into the database to be organized and evaluated later.

The good news is that Blackbaud’s education management portfolio has several new data imports that can help you feel less overwhelmed when sorting through and organizing your school’s data. Use this robust tool to add large quantities of new, clean data to your system, or to quickly and efficiently update and tidy up data that you are already storing.
Want to learn more about the data import process as well as tips and tricks for working with large data files? Register today for the new Blackbaud University course, K–12 Core: Importing Data.

Good news for Blackbaud Learn® training subscribers! If your school has a Learn More subscription, this class is included. Not a subscriber? Find out how a Learn subscription can help develop efficiency and build skills for every user of your system.

Blackbaud’s Education Management Portfolio For K–12 Core Certification For 2020

Blackbaud University offers certified learning opportunities that recognize student achievement and help validate product knowledge. We provide these development opportunities to reflect our students’ commitment to excellence.

Great New Year’s news—Blackbaud University 2020 Certification is available now!

Blackbaud’s Education Management Portfolio for K–12 Core Certification
Ready to prove your knowledge about Blackbaud’s education management portfolio? Start the process to become certified in Blackbaud’s education management portfolio for K–12 Core. The recommended path to achieve product-specific certification is to first attend the K–12 Core series of courses, and then take the K–12 Core Exam (search Training Central using the keyword Exam).

If you have previously taken the K–12 Core courses, or feel you have the necessary product skills and knowledge, you may proceed to the exam. Students who pass with an 80% score or better are K–12 Core certified. Passing this exam enables access to all courses for which the Core certification is a recommended prerequisite. Blackbaud’s education management portfolio for K–12 Core certification is a great milestone for every K–12 user.

These K–12 Core Exam recommended courses can be found on the curriculum datasheet:
  • K–12 Core: User Management and Database Administration
  • K–12 Core: Content and Media Strategy
  • K–12 Core: Events and Calendars
  • K–12 Core: Resource Boards and News
  • K–12 Core: Notifications and Messages
  • K–12 Core: School Forms

Bonus: Blackbaud’s education management portfolio for K–12 Core certification exam is free to all users. All recommended courses are included in Blackbaud University’s Learn More® and Learn Everything® training subscriptions!

When you achieve accreditation, you join a savvy community of professionals who are Blackbaud experts, and you attain credentials recognized as the industry standard. Blackbaud Certification validates your credentials, enhances your resume, and helps advance your career.

Bonus: When you pass your certification exam, you’ll receive a certificate and will be able to start promoting your Certified designation. You will also receive an email from Blackbaud with a link to download the certification seal to share on social media pages, and a small digital icon to use on your business cards, resume, and email signature. You can even promote your certification status with a badge on your Blackbaud Community profile!

No Expiration
Every certification identifies the year it was achieved. There is no expiration on a certification, but the year gives context to when the title was achieved. We encourage students to periodically renew certification in order to reflect updates in the product platforms.

No Course Requirement
We want you to pass your certification examination; we therefore recommend specific courses be taken before attempting certification. However, if you feel you possess skills and knowledge strong enough to pass an exam, we encourage you to take the exam without taking the recommended courses. To learn what topics are covered in a recommended course (and in the associated certification exam), please review the course Abstract.

Posted by Keeley Nutile on Jan 1, 2020 6:00 AM America/New_York

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The link to find the exam doesn't show a k12 one. Is there a direct line you can provide?
  • Posted Wed 22 Jan 2020 05:23 PM EST
Hi Elana! Can you try the link that is in the datasheet? Clicking on the exam name should take you directly to it. 
  • Posted Thu 23 Jan 2020 07:56 AM EST