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Q4 2017 Roadmap Review

Miss the Q4 2017 FE NXT roadmap session?  No problem!  Read below for a recap of the session hosted by Product Managers Tom Walker and Julia Petit.  Watch the full 60 minute roadmap session here for lots more details on the exciting features below!  We have been listening to you and have heard loud and clear that complete workflows are what you are looking for in the FE NXT web view. That is how development is moving, so learn more about the workflows you can do today and what is coming up next!


Disclaimer: Roadmaps Are Subject to Change.  The roadmap presentation, and this blog, are for informational purposes only. The product roadmap is based on Blackbaud's current plan as of the date of the roadmap was presented (November 8, 2017), and is subject to change at any time, in Blackbaud's sole discretion, without notice.


Reporting Workflow

  • VCO is now available in FE NXT web view. Usability enhancements - drag and drop, wider screen, test with financial report (don't have to navigate away from VCO)
  • Report view is enhanced to see recently run, frequently run, and favorites
  • Can now edit existing and add new reports in web view.  Preview new reports without saving (click Run)
  • Drill down in your reports - you can now open an account record from your report
  • Improved Excel exporting

SKY Reporting - preconfigured dashboards

  • Drill downs available
  • End users can utilize this to check on their individual accounts (security is respected) to prevent one-off requests to the accounting team

SKY Reporting - custom dashboards (Insights)

  • Currently in an Early Adopter Program (EAP) - drag and drop, user-friendly reporting.  Expect this to be released to all customers in Q2 2018


General Ledger Workflow - available now

  • View, add, edit for: Journal Entry, Accounts, Grants, Projects, Reports
  • Journal Entry Excel add-in - this is an easy download from the Microsoft store and will appear as a button in your version of Excel
  • Journal Entry attachments
  • Approve and post Journal Entries
  • Post subledgers  to GL


General Ledger Workflow - in development

  • Budget management module - first release is Budget Excel add-in (targeting November '17), next release (beta goal December '17) will be flat view of budget with actual column with drill in, adds and edits will come first half 2018 cb0f0ae6ebda979d874d5b8e743fa55b-huge-bu
  • Allocation Management module - allocations by unit statistical measure. Statistical measures will also be pushed up to SKY Reporting for more robust reporting


Accounts Payable Workflow - available now

Vendor Communications Improvement

  • Clicking on the address will bring up a map so you can know how to get there; click on the phone number to get prompted for options of how to call the vendor; click on the email address to start an email to the vendor
  • Filtering for vendors and invoices
  • Invoice creation and attachments
  • Bulk invoice approval - did you know you can set a Business Rule to have this be a requirement before the invoice is paid?

Check printing

  • Available now and has been a big success - have had over 1,800 check runs since only June of 2017. Are you ready to start yours?
  • From your Treasury page, you can view of your bank account and have all your bank functionality built in without have to go to your bank's website. Don't forget that you can always move your tiles to get the most relevant information to you at the top
  • Save your check stock! Preview all checks before printing to see if any corrections need to be made

Auto Bank Reconciliation with Bank Feeds

  • Reconcile in real time, you don't have to wait until end of month

Purchase orders - view only in web view

Credit Card Management - limited availability

  • Like bank feed, it links directly to your credit card company to give you real time information on credit card transaction


Accounts Payable Workflow - in development

  • Expense Management - will expand credit card activities, card holders will come in and complete the workflow rather than the AP team having to do it for all card holders. Workflow for approval or rejection and final step to get to AP before invoice is created
  • Credit card management improvements
  • Purchase Orders - add/edit

Posted by Colleen Adams on Nov 14, 2017 9:22 AM America/New_York