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Celebrating Our March Certified Community Members!

We are so excited to see Community Members becoming Fundamentals Certified in Financial Edge NXT, and it's time for a shout out to them!

 Brandi Behne
 Carrie Cadeau
 Dave Hoffner
 Megan Kern
 Charles Kurtz
 Alice McCall
 John McCoy
 Charisse Miller
 Diane Redling
 Becci Shaak
 Angela Tuttle
 Victoria Wiegand
Great work! Congratulations to you - if you want to let us know what certifying means to you - feel free to reply to this post. We'd love to hear your story!
If you have any questions about certification or want to know how to begin your journey, check out the certification page on Training Central.
Hope to see everyone's name on the list in the coming months!
Posted by Cynthia Hurt on Apr 12, 2018 8:46 PM America/New_York

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