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Celebrating Our July Certified Community Members

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend planned.

Let's give a big round of applause for this month's certified Community members.

Financial Edge NXT Fundamentals Certified
Djwana Lewis
Darryl Ward
Kelly Tanck
Liz Shafer
Brook Niarchos
Leslie Jones
John Costa
Lindsey England
Victoria Hanson
Terrence Figgs
Joleen Cox
Nancy Outeiro
Lisa White
Karen Gaines
Erin Fishburn
Alex Kogan
Laura Forshay
Alpha Conteh
Taylor McNeil
Tessa Mahler
Dina Glorioso
James Hess
Jonathan Brown
Linda Duffy
Michelle Anderson
Katelyn Autry-Agen
Mary Blumstein
Alex Zimmerman
Aliea Karim
Anthony Jong
Beth Luse
Callie Krewson
William Aponte

Financial Edge NXT Professional Certified 
Molly Fournier
Tiffany Beene
Taylor McNeil
Michelle Anderson
Katelyn Autry-Agen

Super job everyone! Want to see your name on these lists? You can! Take the certification exams - remember, they're "open book" and "open software" exams. 

The exams are both included in your Learn More and Learn Everything subscriptions. Interested in hearing more about those subscriptions? Feel free to drop me a message here on the Community, or speak directly with a member of the Blackbaud University team!
Posted by Mary Aquino on Aug 9, 2019 11:16 AM America/New_York

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  • Posted Fri 09 Aug 2019 01:10 PM EDT