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Celebrating Our September 2020 Certified Members

Can you believe it's already time to celebrate those who certified in September? Let's get to it!

Financial Edge NXT Fundamentals Certified

Michelle Meyer
Jill Krauza
Chris Stewart
Debbie Deal
Shinn Yang
Chelsey Dowden
Melissa Schulz
Kelsey Davis
Karen LeGendre
Cindy Childers
Kathryn Sadowski
Julie Crady
Heather Boyd
Candice Dean
Deb Bednarz
Sarania Ried
Cheryl Miller
Maria Saenz
Candis Johnson
Lisa Thomas
Dawn Lancaster
Shenelle Baltimore
Chelsea Groves
Chris Trull
Denise Wallace
Lisa Jones
Brenda Rodriguez
Jose Gomez
Tanya Horgan
Craig Ollinger

Financial Edge NXT Professional Certified

Joyce Toenjes
Shauna Thomas
Angela Tuttle
Elaine Huff
Michelle Meyer
Patty Breeding

Big round of applause for all! Congratulations!! 

Are you interested in seeing your name on this list next month? You can do it! Check out this blog for more information
Posted by Mary Aquino on Oct 15, 2020 8:55 AM America/New_York

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Congratulations everyone! 
  • Posted Mon 19 Oct 2020 08:23 AM EDT