Celebrating Our December 2020 Certified Members 7378

Celebrating Our December 2020 Certified Members

Did you certify in 2020? That's GREAT! You, along with over 1500 other Financial Edge NXT users (and Financial Edge users) became certified in this past year! It's hard to believe that in excess of 13,000 Blackbaud users certified last year...across all products, all exams. If you were one of them, CONGRATULATIONS! It's time to recognize those community members who completed their Financial Edge NXT certification in December...both Fundamental and Professional. Again, congratulations all!

Financial Edge NXT Fundamental Certification

Penny Bidwell
Andrew Nelson
Gretchen Amigon
Shawndell Brown
Devika Persaud
Maude James-Durity
Leyla Akhmerova
Thomas Swanson
Elaine Bartlow
Beth Wicks
Mason Beaumont
David Lee
Tammy Miller
Elisabeth Vaca-Valverde
Christopher Stevenson
Susan Garot
Katie Turner
Claudia Raiti
Michelle Ruth
Melissa Maldonado
Anne Gould
Wayne Armacost

Financial Edge NXT Professional Certification

Carolyn Van Nelson
John Black
Lisa Cooper
Janet Roddenberry
Kathleen Masterson
Pam Holden

If you are thinking of certifying in 2021, you are among thousands of others who want to prove they know their Blackbaud solution well! Consider checking out this blog and create a plan to certify! 

Just so you know, you don't have to take the Fundamentals courses if you already feel you know the basics of Financial Edge NXT. Check out the blog and follow the links embedded or head over to the Financial Edge NXT Datasheet and click the link for the Financial Edge NXT Fundamentals Exam located in the second section, under the heading Certification.

I'm looking forward to congratulating you all in 2021!
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