Celebrating Our September 2021 Certified Community Members! 8007

Celebrating Our September 2021 Certified Community Members!

How is it already fall? Seems like just yesterday it was spring. Time is flying by...but not so quickly that we don't stop to celebrate our certified community members for September!


Cindy Potts
Caroline Durham
Adrienne Barton
Sara Rogers
David Plotts
Jordan Hallawell
Lauren Rose
Tammy Hopwood
Gail Quigley
Jane Garoutte
Devin Lao
Yarilitza Ayala
Rebecca Page
Rebecca Mussie
Teri Ellis
Dr. Ambrose Wallace
James Johnson
Nicole Foster
Madelyn Rygg
Breinn Robert
Anne Metz
Rita Voss
Ramona Owens
Christy Costello
Maggie Opichka
Blake Biscardi
Marlo Wiggins
Casandra Vanzura
Matthew Dalton
Debbie Worthington
Jodie Thomson


Trish Lyons
Yarilitza Ayala
Nicole Foster
Tracy Dopkowski

Quick update: 1200+ people have certified this year. If you're reading this and one of those 1200 is not you...why not? Jump in, the water's fine! Not sure how to do it? Check out this blog for more information.

When you do certify, remember to show off your Fundamental or Professional certification on your LinkedIn profile!

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