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Let Insight Designer Untie Your Knots!

In my experience, History professors are some of the most warm and helpful people. I got a lot of great life advice and quite a few good jokes from conversations during my college years. But my favorite aspect was talking to them about their specific specializations. My favorite question to ask my professors was, “What is your favorite legend from history?” Every professor seemed to have an answer right away.

My favorite was the story I got from our Greek History professor, and it was about the Gordian knot.

If you’re not familiar, the legend goes that there was once a super complicated knot that was unable to be untied. It was prophesied that whoever could undo the knot was the only one worthy to be king. Alexander the Great, when confronted with the knot, just cut it in half with his sword.

I like that legend because it’s really just a metaphor for finding a simple solution to a complicated problem.

Which brings us to Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT’s latest optional module, Insight Designer.

With Insight Designer for Financial Edge NXT, you can create the insights you need, with the information you want, in the way you want to see it, and then apply your creation to a custom dashboard to untie your own Gordian knot.

So grab your knowledge sword and get to know this awesome new feature in Financial Edge NXT with our brand-new 90-minute course, Insight Designer.

This course is included with your Learn More training subscription. Not a subscriber? Chat with us now to find out how you can become one!

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