What Are You Doing To Capture Your Share Of The Baby Boomer Planned Giving Trillion Wealth And Asset Transfer? 3090

What Are You Doing To Capture Your Share Of The Baby Boomer Planned Giving Trillion Wealth And Asset Transfer?


It’s the new talk of town.. if you haven’t heard of “BoomerTrillion” you’re in jeopardy of being behind the times.  BoomerTrillion is the now-term used to describe the estimated $1.5 - $6 trillion in charitable gifts expected to be designated to non-profits in the U.S. between 2017 and 2030.

According to ground-breaking studies from 2007 to more recently released and update ones, the 78 million Baby Boomer generation – people born between 1946 and 1964 – will own and eventually transfer most of the estimate $88 trillion in U.S. household net worth to family members and also the charities they favor. Charities that act upon this golden opportunity will not be confined by a lack of resources, and will be able to think expansively around new programs.  What are you doing to capture your share of the Baby Boomer planned giving trillion wealth and asset transfer?
It’s generally accepted that there are two phases in a person’s life that setting up a deferred gift to charity is most prevalent:
  • Between the ages of 40-55 and,
  • Then again, at ages 65-80
 These are the times when we’ve, first, accumulated assets and are beginning to think about the eventual disposition of them… and, second, when we have slowed down in accumulating assets and are thinking of the closer time-frame for their disposition in concert with our family make-up, inheritance potential and life expectancy.  For the leading edge of Baby Boomers, Phase 2 has begun and final estate planning may be occurring.  For the trailing pack of Baby Boomers, phase 1 has ended and Phase 2 seems like a distant future. 
The asset transfer will happen with four major categories of assets:
  1. Cash and cash like assets
  2. Homes/real estate and other real property
  3. Equities, stocks, bonds and other securities
  4. Retirement income assets
Organizations already involved with active planned giving programs have, for the most part, experienced a decrease in planned gift revenue.  Not because interest in planned gift vehicles has waned but because the population of people born before 1946 is the smallest of the living generations.  With fewer people to transfer wealth – less wealth is being transferred.  This will all change around 2030 however, when the Baby Boomer’s planned gifts will begin to mature.

Now is the time to seize the day and create your organization’s legacy of planned gifts by learning more about the BabyTrillions and making plans to increase the reach of your planned gift message.  The planned gift pipeline you build today begins to bear fruit within a decade.  You can learn more about the wealth transfer at these sources: 
  • 2007-2061 U.S. Wealth Transfer: A Golden Era of Philanthropy – Executive Summary report
  • BoomerTrillion Overview video
As you do, begin to also think about using your planned giving likelihood modeling scores and Target Analytics Data Enrichment to target your Baby Boomer prospects through a highly consistent a multi-channel marketing campaign such as e-newsletters, e-blasts, print and social media.  Talk about the major ways to leave a planned gift such as through IRA charitable roll-overs, life estate gifts, bequests, and charitable gift annuities. If you need additional consulting to use your Target Analytics products more efficiently or effectively, we have several packages to choose from and expert professional staff to connect you with.

So I ask again, What are you doing to capture your share of the Baby Boomer Planned Giving Trillion wealth and asset transfer?


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This is a really interesting post, I'd love to learn more but the links you reference do not seem to work. Am I the only one having trouble?
Excellent post Katherine. My focus is mainly major gifts; however, planned giving is also fascinating. RP has added some helpful columns and information in the last couple of years to be able to look prospect major and planned gift prospects.**The link aren't working today Katherine.