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Free Resources That Help You In Understanding Data, Analytics And Artificial Intelligence That Already Exists In Your Database!

There's a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI), but for Blackbaud, AI is just the beginning and our end-of-year present for you is the free three-part webinar series Intelligence for Good, where we tackle the many topics called: data.  From basic terminology, to how it fuels artificial intelligence (AI), we’re so committed to your data and how it will propel your fundraising and connections to advocates that we’ve created a myriad of resources for you.   

Over the next few weeks or next two months, set a few calendar appointments for yourself to watch our three comprehensive discussions about Data!  The full series takes less than 3-hours of your time: 
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics and Expertise
Steve MacLaughlin, VP for Data and Analytics Strategy at Blackbaud and author of the best-selling book Data Driven Nonprofits, shares the key data concepts you need to know, such as how to convert data into tangible results for your organization and how AI is shaping the future of our sector. Our on-demand Intelligence for Good webinars are intended to give you a critical foundation of data knowledge and actionable tips you can implement at your organization today.  To connect to the recorded webinar and other resources mentioned, click on the hyperlinks within this post.  

Data: What is it? How can you use it? Why should you care?
Steve explains, with easy-to-understand examples, all the basics about data! He answers key questions regarding how your nonprofit can use data to its advantage and how it will benefit your organization overall. He’s going to demystify terms like descriptive data, prescriptive data, predictive data, big data, analytics and more. This discussion gives you more confidence about the forms and uses of data that your nonprofit organization may already collect and maintain. (47 minutes)

Turning Data into Results
There is so much hidden potential in data, but many organizations still struggle to use it. Steve reveals how to turn your organization’s data into actions and results. Along the way, he discusses how you can start small and grow your data-driven skills over time. (63 minutes)

The Future of Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence
Where is all this data stuff going? How will data, analytics, and artificial intelligence shape the nonprofit sector in the future? In this final session, Steve takes everything you’ve learned and takes it even further. Explore with him how using data and data visualization over the next few years will transform you, your staff, and your nonprofit. (60 minutes)

After you’ve learned about data, analytics and AI, you’ll want to download the Blackbaud Institute’s comprehensive, step-by-step guide designed to help you take your mission further by evolving your culture around data - 2017 Analytics Toolkit.  With it, you’ll have access to resources helping you achieve higher donation levels, increased donor program efficiency, stronger supporter relationships, and so much more!

Then, when you’re ready to put Steve’s suggestions from the Intelligence for Good series into action, Target Analytics, a division of Blackbaud, Inc. can be your partner because we already have available data appends and predictive analytic solutions.  You may already have access if you’re using one of Blackbaud's cloud technology solutions because they offer seamlessly embedded data intelligence for good capabilities.

When you combine data science with the social good movement, the results can be remarkable. Our data science capabilities are powered by consumer, social, attitudinal, and the largest global data set on philanthropic trends.  They provide you with analytics-driven insights and prescribed actions to create awareness and enable effective supporter relationships. If you’d like to partner with us to propel your use of data and analytics, Target Analytics can work with you, so you can focus your time out of the office rather than in-front of a computer.  No matter your needs, check out our analytic solutions and link to an account executive to answer your questions about what you may already have access to and what you might want to access in the future. 

Here’s what others are already saying about using their access to Intelligence for Good capabilities:

I attribute the increase in our average gift amount to the Intelligence for Good capabilities embedded in our Blackbaud software. Without it, we would have raised around the same amount as we did the previous year. (Read the full story) - Andy Schroeder, Director of Development for the Sisters of Charity

Our major gift officers trust that these predictive analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities can get them in the right living rooms and sitting with the right people who really want to make a difference by donating to the University. (Read the full story) - Margaret Williams, Director of Prospect Research for University of South Dakota Foundation.

Our Blackbaud software and its built-in intelligence capabilities allows us to be more thoughtful and strategic about cultivating our donors. We now know that if we handle them with care, there is a much greater potential for them to give a major gift in the future. (Read the full story) - Holli McClanahan, Business Manager for The University Medical Center Foundation

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