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Grateful Patient Solution Toolkit

Welcome to the Grateful Patient Solution (GPS) family! We’re glad you’re here and want to make sure you get the most of your investment in this powerful product and in ResearchPoint - your software tool that manages the returned data.  I like to describe ResearchPoint (RP) as a heavy-lifting assistant because it’s an easy-to-acclimate-to cloud-based program that aids in your investigation into high-wealth, high-philanthropy patients. 

After you've completed the technical set-up of the GPS process with a Blackbaud Analytics Data Analyst, time will be scheduled with one of our implementation and fundraising experts to help you navigate a few things that may be new to you.  If you've already begun to use GPS data, you'll love this list of resources as well!
  1. Easily accessing returned patient lists within ResearchPoint (RP)
  2. Creating various queries to quickly identify the right prospects for your patient fundraising program
  3. Handling batch-record upload exceptions in RP that occur from time to time and might be hiding a record result from your query
We realize that there’s a learning curve to using any new set of data and to using a new software tool so this Toolkit has been created just for you!  
Grateful Patient Solution Data
Start here – (15 - 45 min.)

File Processing
Each time you submit a file for process through the Grateful Patient Solution data sources, you get returned results within 90 minutes.  It’s returned 2 ways:
  • Automatically uploaded into constituent records in ResearchPoint
  • Flat files returned for self-service retrieval to your designated FTP folder housed on our secure Blackbaud servers.  These files are great for archiving your returned data or for importing it into another database if you need to - but most of the time you won't need to do anything with them - instead you'll access the results directly and quickly in ResearchPoint
While your team members had a conversation and discussed the submission process with our Data Analyst team, you might need a refresher.  The submission requirements are attached to the end of this blog and can be downloaded again.  If you have any questions about the requirements or the location and how to access the FTP site, you’ll get quick answers by reaching out to the Target Analytics Support Team in our customer service center at
This is the same place you’ll access if a file you’ve submitted does not process or if you have any other questions about the GPS process.  A support analyst will open a case for support and then assist you with getting help!
Don’t forget to submit a Donor Matching File as well.  You can read more about that process and see the required file layout template in the document attached to this blog.

Grateful Patient Solution Data, Overview of the Technical Process and ResearchPoint Software
Now it's time for STEP 2 of the GPS magic - getting acclimated with ResearchPoint.
We archived your customized PowerPoint presentation overview within ResearchPoint’s archival area and it’s easy to retrieve it for sharing or for your own review.  You can find it using the following instructions:
  • Sign into your ResearchPoint account at
  • Click on the Prospects functional area in the top left-hand corner of the page
  • Visit the list titled Research Tools and click on Target Analytics Model Scores and Ratings Results
  • Review the Presentation files by date
Finding Good Patient Prospects
In ResearchPoint’s Analysis, Information Library are a few queries that your analytics consultant creates to get you started looking at lists of patients screened that have either:
  • High Wealth Attributes like income, assets or wealth indicators
  • Robust philanthropy as found in outside philanthropic record databases
Check these lists out and open up the query (Edit Definition) to see what criteria was used to create the list and then determine if you want to make changes to it.  If you do, it’s time to start to learn RP so that you can self-manage your time and data output for patient fundraising.

Continuing Consulting with Your Analytics Consultant
Each year of your GPS subscription you have a set number of hours that you can access with your assigned fundraising consultant.  He or she is here to help you think through using the GPS data, ResearchPoint and the Raiser’s Edge (if you have it) for your patient fundraising efforts.  Be sure to check out the ResearchPoint document archive because we’ve put some important information in there for you, which might include the following. If it doesn’t, ask your analytics consultant for a copy.
  • Grateful Patient Solution overview PowerPoint presentation
  • A document showing you with step-by-step screenshots and instructions on Handling Batch Exceptions in ResearchPoint – because sometimes records will be held back before importing into RP – like if there’s a potential duplicate record in there already.  You have to tell RP what you want done with the records that are being held in limbo.
  • Resource Guide: Grateful Patient Solution Implementation Benchmarks (Year 1) – a template plan for you to check out
  • ResearchPoint and Raiser’s Edge Integration instructions – a screenshot resource

ResearchPoint Quick Start Resources
Start here – (3 - 60 min.)

Welcome to ResearchPoint! your new tool to manage patient prospect data. In combination with your constituent relationship management software, ResearchPoint can be a powerful asset as you research, understand, and connect with potential donors. Our software helps you make decisions about fundraising opportunities with your patient population based on data and analytics. From any Internet browser, you can log in, isolate records, and then send reports to development officers and key organization leaders.  Within just a few minutes, you can even let your fundraisers know who’s in the hospital that’s a high-value prospect or a donor to your organization already!

Take RP Complimentary Training Courses and More!
Next – (1.5 – 2+ hours)

Launch the Learn Basics® on-demand eLearning for ResearchPoint at any time that’s convenient for you.  We’re always updating these free courses with the most current functionality of interest to new RP users. You’ll learn how to navigate around as well as how to get started with the most popular functions in the software including ResearchPoint’s searchable prospect research data sources like Who’s Who, Real Estate Holdings, Philanthropic Contributions database and Guidestar. 
If you’re ready to go further, you can also sign-up for a Learn More® or Learn Everything® training subscription or access your subscription if you already have one of them.  Then take the WebEx based instructor-led classes that interest you. (class duration varies by course)

Calling all blog readers and those that manage Grateful Patient Solution data!  If you have other resources, you’d like to share for colleagues getting started with GPS and with ResearchPoint, please reply to this blog and list them with links to the resource.  Thanks for being a contributor to our Toolkit! 

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