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    4.0 SP18 Hotfix 5 Available For Download
    We have released Hotfix 4 for version 4.0 SP18.  It is available for download here The patch report can be reviewed here . This hotfix resolves an issue with HTML header tags being omitted. more
  • Surprising news
    What We Learned From Email Patterns On Giving Tuesday
    Good news and bad news can be drawn from email performance on Giving Tuesday. I asked our email team for their “top trends” on Giving Tuesday -- to help you prepare for what you might find this end-of-year fundraising period and beyond. Blacklist Providers Are Cracking Down. Even More. Low-priority blacklist providers have gotten more aggressive ... more
  • Bullseye
    Using Email Engagement To Find Your Spam Traps
    Last November, we introduced you to spam traps . No matter what email system you use, spam traps are something that can significantly affect whether or not the emails you are sending to your constituents actually get delivered by mailbox providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others. As the General Data Protection Regulation is now in ... more
  • Email Envelope
    When Less Is More: Cracking The Email Deliverability Code In 2018
    By Kathryn Hall How’s your nonprofit email program performing? If you're like most nonprofits today, you may find you have to send more emails to get the same results as you did in the past. Inbox placement rates are declining, and email response rates along with them. Many industry experts say it’s important to refine your campaigns to send fewer, more ... more
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    Are You Ready For #GivingTuesday?
    # GivingTuesday   traditionally marks the start of the End-Of Year Giving Season.  This year in the U.S., the social media movement #GivingTuesday happens Nov. 28 and is sure to amplify your organization’s missions during the upcoming holiday season. Last year, more than 1 Million people in 98 countries donated $177,000,000!  While you are planning your online marketing and fundraising strategy   for the End-of-Year Giving season, don’t forget to take a closer look at Email Deliverability and Inbox Placement. more
  • Email trap
    Deliverability Danger — Watch Out For SPAM Traps!
    By Samantha McGuin When’s the last time you drove by a speed trap on your local interstate? Did you get that sinking feeling because you were worried you might get a ticket? Well, mailbox providers like Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo set similar snares — known as  SPAM traps  — to catch email spammers in the act. SPAM traps are email addresses that don't ... more
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    Canadian Anti-Spam Law Comes Into Full Effect July 1 - Are You Ready?
    In July 2014, Canada enacted  The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation  (CASL) - strict new regulations for bulk email. The phase-in period for CASL stretched over 3 years to allow organizations to adjust their emailing practices to align with CASL's rigorous opt-in policies and rules for suppression of unwanted email. The grace period for CASL ends July ... more
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    BBIS Q2 Spotlight Preview
    It's hard to believe it's June already, and it's already time for the Q2 BBIS Spotlight !  This quarter's spotlight will include some fantastic content from some guest Blackbaud speakers that many of you have worked with on BBIS, so join us on Tuesday, June 13th @ 2 PM EDT to learn more about the following: SP13 Preview I'll be demonstrating our upcoming ... more
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    Verizon Is Getting Out Of The Email Business: How Does This Impact You?
    Verizon recently announced its decision to close down its email business. The holders of the roughly 4.5 million email addresses with an extension will have a very short period of time to migrate their email address as-is to AOL – or abandon the address. People who choose the first option will continue to use the same email ... more