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Just In Time For The Holidays!

Just in time for the Holidays we have the gift that everyone needs!  It’s eTapestry’s new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor, complete with over 100 modern and mobile responsive layouts, for that special someone.  This really is the perfect gift that you have been waiting for! It will make you the best gift giver this Holiday season!  Don’t wait, reserve yours today by calling……hold on a minute!  Sorry about that!  I’ve already seen too many commercials about this year's "must have" gift while binge watching all of my favorite Holiday movies and I got them confused with our upcoming eTapestry release.
In all seriousness, the eTapestry team is proud to announce the release our new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor. The drag-n-drop functionality enables you to create content with ease. You'll save time yet still create beautiful newsletters without being an HTML expert.  The editor is also responsive -- We're coding the responsive elements for you behind the scenes to ensure your content looks great across devices. Along the new the Drag-n-Drop Email Editor, there are 100 new layout designs to choose from and it IS just in time for the holiday giving season.  You don’t have to be an HTML expert to create emails that deliver your message and look great doing it. With our drag-and-drop editor, you can customize color schemes, edit photos, build content blocks, create hyperlinks, and so much more! This easy to use editor will truly make creating your newsletters easy to do and we have no doubt they will become the best emails you have ever sent out of eTapestry.
The new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor won’t replace our existing HTML editor, you’ll still use the existing one to create document templates, confirmation emails, etc. Our goal with the new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor is to provide customers with a better tool for creating newsletter and mass email templates. To ensure you get the most out of our new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor, we’ve also designed it to work with our Advanced Mass Email. That way you get improved deliverability and access to helpful reports, like our Delivery Report that provides details about your organization's mass email jobs, including delivery success rates, tracked opens, and tracked links.

So, look for the new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor to appear in your eTapestry system soon (hint: look for it on November, 5th) and enjoy the ease of use of our newest feature! To learn more, check out our eTapestry Drag-n-Drop Email Editor functionality documentation and FAQ.

As always, thanks for being a Blackbaud eTapestry customer and we look forward to continuing to provide you with world class software that helps you fulfill your organizations mission.
Posted by Mike Rusche on Nov 1, 2018 2:54 PM America/New_York

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Has the new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor been installed into eTapestry yet? When it is, will there be a webinar or tutorial on how to construct awesome email communication?
  • Posted Wed 07 Nov 2018 05:38 PM EST
Hi Jorge, the new Drag-n-Drop Email Editor is available in eTapestry now! This online tutorial will walk you through where to access and how to take advantage of Drag-n-Drop email functionality in eTapestry:
  • Posted Thu 08 Nov 2018 10:22 AM EST
I'm not so familiar with eTapestry's mass emailing features. Can it leave an indication on the individual's record that they received the email?
  • Posted Wed 14 Nov 2018 12:39 PM EST
I can't wait!
  • Posted Wed 14 Nov 2018 02:31 PM EST
I'll have to dive in, but will the system now automatically send out these beautiful emails to our recurring donors?
  • Posted Wed 14 Nov 2018 02:40 PM EST
Can the new platform handle embedded videos?

  • Posted Tue 04 Dec 2018 03:47 PM EST
Thank you for the question Colleen! Using embedded code of any kind is not widely supported by email clients and not considered best practices. Because of this, our software does not support embedding video in a mailing. Instead, we recommend using an image in the content that links to the URL where the video is hosted externally.  This way, you can gain tracking on the click of that link.
  • Posted Wed 05 Dec 2018 01:37 PM EST