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Complete Cover Update


Interested in testing Complete Cover™? Read more to find out how easy it is.

We are excited to share an update regarding Complete Cover™. In October 2021 at bbcon 2021 Virtual, we announced our new Complete Cover model, and subsequently kicked off our Early Adopter Program (EAP) with a group of volunteering customers. We also shared information about Complete Cover in several of our fall and spring Product Update Briefings (PUBs), including Blackbaud eTapestry® and Blackbaud Merchant Services™. Long story short, Blackbaud Community members have been instrumental in testing the Complete Cover model and roll-out methods. We continue to make strides towards general availability and would like to do more testing with Blackbaud eTtapestry. As such we would like to invite you to test Complete Cover.

What is Complete Cover? Complete Cover is a new model that covers your payment processing fees, so you receive 100% of your supporter’s gift or event registration. With Complete Cover, Blackbaud empowers supporters to choose at checkout if they want to contribute toward processing costs. This is 100% optional for the supporter. No matter what the supporter decides, Blackbaud covers processing costs for you. Any extra given, we will use to help with our costs. In other words, you will receive free processing for every 1x credit card donation or event registration made on forms that have this feature enabled.

Interested in testing Complete Cover? If you are interested in testing Complete Cover, please follow these steps:
  1. Watch these short videos and read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. Once step 1 has been completed, please send me an email ( confirming step 1 is complete. In the body of the email please include your name, your organization name, your site id and that this is for Blackbaud eTapestry.
  3. A couple of times each week, I will submit a list of organizations that have completed these steps to Product Management, and they will enable Complete Cover for your environment. Once enabled you will be able to add Complete Cover to your forms using the form editor.
Why consider participating? eTapestry forms enabled with Complete Cover will ensure all one-time credit card gifts and event registrations are processed with no transaction fees. This means that you will bring more net revenue in for your mission. Nearly all organizations who have participated in testing have asked us to keep Complete Cover enabled for their forms once the testing period was complete. We believe you will have a similar experience and value the feedback you can provide us in the process.
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