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  • Money
    Get the Most Out of eTapestry’s Online Fundraising Tools
    A number of you have asked questions about setting up new Funds or creating new DIY Online Forms are on the rise with eTapestry users.  Here are some resources to help as you set up new Funds and DIY Online Forms! Creating New Funds The Customer Success Team has a short video to demonstrate how your organization can use Funds, Campaigns, and Approaches to ... more
  • Email Icon
    Sending Email and Keeping Your Constituents Informed
    It is more important than ever to communicate your work to your constituents, let them know how they can continue to support your mission, and let them know how your organization is weathering the storm. There is no more important time than now to explore your options to send emails to your donors and prospects and keep the lines of communication ... more
  • Checklist
    How Blackbaud eTapestry® Can Help You Navigate COVID-19
    COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of our daily lives. The nonprofit community must also quickly adapt to the new realities.  Blackbaud is here to help you. Undoubtedly, your fundraising and communication strategies are shifting. So here are areas for your organization to review to make sure you are speaking to your supporters effectively during ... more
  • DIY Forms confusion
    DIY Forms Got Ya Scratching Your Head? Then Let These Resources Help!
    We're pretty sure you've heard the term before...  DIY Forms.  We're betting you heard about them when working with your Account Executive when considering adding eTapestry to your organization's set of tools for your fundraising needs.  We're even betting that various other announcements, blog posts, or even trainings have brought up the idea ... more
  • No Image Description
    Upcoming eTapestry Ecommerce Enhancement: DIY and Custom Ecommerce Pages
    Earlier this year we released the Blackbaud Payment Services "Checkout" feature for our eCart customers. In our upcoming release, scheduled for August, eTapestry will expand that to include eTapestry DIY Pages or Custom Ecommerce Pages.   Blackbaud Checkout provides an even greater level of security around payment processing for your donors.  ... more
  • Fireworks
    Let Us Give You A Reason To Celebrate With Fireworks & ETapestry's Online Giving
      The 4 th of July celebration is upon us. This means it’s time to gather with family and friends for BBQ’s, slap on the bug repellent, and watch the fireworks. My wife and I love taking our two girls to the local fireworks every year and watching their faces light-up with excitement and wonder as the spectacle overtakes the sky. The beautiful colors, the ... more
  • Help
    "Help Me, Help You"
      When you the hear the phrase, “Help Me, Help You”, you may be like me and think instantly of the 1996 classic, Jerry Maguire. Or you may have read the last sentence and asked, why are we discussing a movie that is 23 years old (Good Question)? While I wouldn’t mind writing a blog post about my favorite quotes from the movie or discussing how amazing Academy ... more
  • 1
    New eTapestry Functionality
    WOW!!  I love eTap customers.  Do to the overwhelming response, we do not need any more volunteers to check out our newest functionality.  As more opportunities arise I will post them here.  For those of you that have already contacted me, I will be in touch.     We’ve been working on a new feature that will launch in the coming weeks, around tracking ... more
  • What's New!
    7.37.0 User Education Materials
    Hi, everyone! Here are the User Education materials for the 7.37.0 release: 7.37.0 New Features guide Help file Thanks, Alyssa Carver User Education Team  more
  • We want your feedback!
    Learning From The Customer.
    We want to learn from your experiences using eTapesty.   About this time last year some of you may remember seeing a survey pop up in eTapestry focusing on your overall user experience using eTapestry. Well, quite a few of you took that survey, and we're grateful for your participation and the feedback you gave us.  In fact, the information from that ... more
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    Let's Get Into Some Email Marketing!
    Hello again, fellow eTappers!  This is Geoff from the Onboarding and Adoption team.  Last week I posted about one of my Success Webinars, called Online Forms in eTapestry.  This week I want to talk about the other one I do - Email Marketing 101. As I mentioned in that previous post, we're living in the digital world of the 21st century.  As absolutely ... more