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1099 Tips And Tricks

Getting ready to create 1099s?  Check out these resources to help make this process as smooth and efficient as possible:

1. If you would like a step-by-step guide on how to process 1099s, we have several options:
2. Check out the Aatrix tips and tricks blog post.   Remember, if you make any changes inside the Aatrix preparer grid for 1099s, this will not update any information inside of Financial Edge.  It is always recommended to makes changes inside Financial Edge so the changes will move forward into Aatrix.

3. Verifying your amounts can be done through multiple avenues, I HIGHLY recommend visiting our How To Find And Correct 1099 Activity blog post, which discusses this process in detail.

4. 1099 corrections are very easy and can be done on the vendor record by selecting the 1099 Adjustments button.  Please remember that you are entering the amount that the 1099s need to be adjusted by.  For an in-depth explanation on how to go through this process, use our 1099 Wizard.

5. Your company EIN pulls from inside Accounts Payable by selecting Configuration then General.  This is the Federal ID # field, so ensure this is correct before processing your 1099s as this cannot be changed inside of Aatrix.

6. If you still need to order forms, please reach out to our Blackbaud forms department as soon as possible.

Have some more tips and tricks?  Share your knowledge and post them to the Tax Season Community page!
Posted by Carlin Cole on Jan 7, 2019 2:28 PM America/New_York

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