Celebrating Our December 2020 Certified Members 7379

Celebrating Our December 2020 Certified Members

Did you certify in 2020? That's GREAT! You, along with over 1500 other Financial Edge and Financial Edge NXT users became certified in this past year! It's hard to believe that in excess of 13,000 Blackbaud users certified last year...across all products, all exams. If you were one of them, CONGRATULATIONS! It's time to recognize those community members who completed their Financial Edge certification in December 2020. Again, congratulations all!

Ramona Neighbors
Daniel Kern
LuAnn Ringler
Brenda Vanderpool
Janet Lyngarkos
Rebecca Walter
Lina Chaves
Charissa Jordan
Carla Weiland-Zaleznak
Michelle Ruth

Interested in certifying in 2021? Check out this blog and start a plan now!
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