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Tips & Tricks I: Accounts, Journal, And User Preferences

“I didn’t know I could do that” will always be one of my favorite things to hear from a user. In my position as a Support Specialist, I enjoy being able to make you more successful in your job while getting the most out of eTapestry. Since I don’t get a chance to speak to all of you, I thought I would create my next blog series about the best Tips and Tricks within eTapestry.

To gather as many tips as possible, I reached out the experts in Research& Development, Consulting, and Support and came up with a very large list! Did you know there was that many cool things you could do within the database?

Today I am going to start with just the Account, Journal, and User Preference tools so you have time to explore and test each one of these out. I will look forward to hearing from you in the comments about what you discovered and if you have any other tips regarding Account and Journal information that you have found.

Did you know...
  • That you can customize your Account Find and Journal pages to show the columns that you need to see? This will prevent you from having to drill into the account so much.  Here is a quick, soundless video on how this can be done on the Account Find page.
  • That if you need to drill into an account, you can use the context menu icon (or the business card icon) to navigate to the specific page of the account? Here is another quick video to show you what I mean.
  • That you can use the Search Your Database bar at the top of the page to search for your accounts? You can also search by account number by entering a slash before the Account Number. For example, to find account 41 in your database, enter /41 in your Search field.
  • That next to the Search Your Database window at the top of your database, we have provided a Walk Me Through tutorial that will keep you updated on our latest release as well as provide you guides on how to maneuver around the database? This is a great tool for the new and experienced users!
  • That you can customize user experience and save clicks by going to Management > My User > Preferences? You can also get to your User Preferences by clicking Welcome, your name in the top right side of your database. For example, you can change your default search type to Advanced Find or change your default Report format to your preference.  Here is a quick video to walk you through this process.
  • That you can customize the drop down menu next to any Save And button within an account by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the drop down?  You can also add/remove any of the options and the order in which they appear. This is a user setting that is specific to the page you are on, so the drop down menu on the Persona’s page can be different from the one on the Defined Fields page.  Here is another quick video to show you the process.  
  • That you can edit the header of each account by adding and removing specific information? To do this, go to any account and click Edit Header in the header and add and remove the fields that you would like to see in each account. This is a user preference and other users within your organization can also edit their header to their preference.
  • That you can set Quick Entry Defaults that will allow you add the same information to many accounts and gifts that you are entering? This is a great feature when you are entering information from a recent event. Keep in mind you will need to click Clear Defaults when you are finished.

Well, that wraps up this version of Tips & Tricks. All of this information should keep you pretty busy until next time! Please feel free to add any questions you may have about any of these tips and make sure to look for the next edition of Tips & Tricks to come soon! 
Posted by Cynthia Lipkovitch on Jun 23, 2016 9:51 AM America/New_York