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Tips And Tricks II: Queries And Reports

Now that you have had time to try out all of the tips and tricks related to Accounts, Journal and User Preferences, I have compiled a new list of all of the tips and tricks that I could gather from our different teams about Queries and Reports. Again, please feel free to leave your comments, or if you have found additional tips or tricks, please feel free to share them! 
Did you know…
  • That you can mark Queries and Reports as favorites so that they are easily accessible on the dashboard on your Home page? You can also access and manage all of your Query favorites on the Manage Queries page.  This is a great idea when you want to quickly see all journal entries that were created today. Simply select the Constituent Journal Entry Date/Today query as one of your favorites.  
  • That you can quickly see the results of a recently reviewed query? On the Queries tab, click the computer icon to the left of the Recently Viewed queries to quickly launch a Query Preview. You can do the same thing with reports by clicking the play button under Recently Viewed and you will be directed to the Launch Report page.
  • That if you are looking to just see the results of a recently reviewed report, you can click on the name of the report that is under View Recent Report Results under the Reports tab and you will be directed to the actual results.
  • That if you are looking for a specific account in your Query results, you can easily search for the account by entering their name in the Search for Account Name field located at the top of the Query Preview page.
  • That you no longer have to feel like you always have to build a report. With the recent query improvements, columns can be added to the results to show the information you are looking for. Query results can also now be exported out in the PDF, Excel or .csv. Read more about this in our New Features guide.
  • That you can select the Remember Query option on the Launch Report page to always remember which query is being used to run your report. This option is located on the Launch Report page directly under where you select the Category and Query to run your report from.
  • That you can add or remove specific accounts from your query results? This is done by creating a custom account query from your query results.  Here are the steps on how to do this.
  • That you can quickly create your custom report by using the Sets options. This option will allow you to add the most popular columns pertaining to your preferred report. These Sets include Name and Address, Individual Name Information, Gift Information, Pledge Information and Giving History Information.  Here is a quick video to show you where to find these Sets.
Well, that wraps up the most popular tips and tricks for Queries and Reports. If you already knew about all of these, give yourself a pack on the back and look forward to the next and final edition of Tips & Tricks where we will go through all of the other miscellaneous tips!  
Posted by Cynthia Lipkovitch on Jul 13, 2016 11:05 AM America/New_York

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Is there a way to merge two different queries and eliminate the duplicate accounts entries?
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