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NEW VIDEO! ETapestry Queries And Reports Primer

In a recent blog post, our always helpful support guru, Cynthia Lipkovitch provided a ton of tips to maximize your use of queries and reports. If you are new to eTapestry and these tips seem slightly beyond your grasp, I’d like to recommend a brand new eLearning course, eTapestry: Basics of Queries and Reports, designed just for you. In one short hour, you will learn the essentials for creating effective queries and reports, including:
  • What is a query?
  • How is a query different from a report? 
  • How do I create a query?
  • How do I view the results of my query?
  • How do I run a report?
Don’t’ delay! Go ahead and add this course to your transcript (it’s free to all users), and then go to Cynthia’s blog post for additional tips. Of course, let us know what tips you have, especially for beginners trying to get past the initial learning curve. 
Posted by Silvia Neal on Aug 9, 2016 3:52 PM America/New_York