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Something(s) To Think About

Have you ever wondered why you should enter some extra details about constituents and journal entries when doing data entry? It’s all about making data more usable. If you’ve defined which group(s) your constituents are part of, then you can create better groupings. Better groupings mean you can have better targeted communications and more useful analysis.  
Do you have questions about why you need to certain pieces of information or what types of information is helpful to add during data entry? Do you want to know how to use those pieces of information during data grouping, analysis, or communication? Then Blackbaud University’s eTapestry: Fundamentals course series is a great option for you. This series helps you understand how eTapestry “thinks,” and sets you on the path to Fundamentals certification!

And now is a great time to think about certification. Not only does it prove your understanding of the basics of eTapestry, certification is currently free. What if there were an accelerated path that gave you a fast track to certifying?

Good news: We are committed to bringing you a superior learning experience in a safe, virtual, online format. Our new Accelerator Pack events are presented online by a single instructor, and via a single registration. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn Fundamentals level certification.

The Blackbaud eTapestry: Fundamentals and Analysis - Accelerator Pack event consists of key courses from the eTapestry curriculum. Throughout this two-day event, you’ll learn the basic tools that will get you started with eTapestry, such as how your account and journal data entry can affect the communications and reports you create.

Courses included in this Accelerator Pack event:
  • eTapestry: Fundamentals - Accounts
  • eTapestry: Fundamentals - Journals
  • eTapestry: Fundamentals - Queries, Reports, and Communications
  • eTapestry: Effective and Efficient Queries
Continue your learning journey from the safety of your home office by registering for this upcoming Accelerator Pack event. Take advantage of our streamlined registration process and the exciting opportunity to network with your peers across this multi-day event. Click here to register.

More good news: If you’re a Learn Everything training subscriber, all Accelerator Pack events are available, free of charge!
Posted by Melissa Rancour on Jun 24, 2020 6:24 PM America/New_York

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