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Celebrating Our June Certified Users

Blackbaud University is excited to celebrate our Blackbaud eTapestry users who became Blackbaud Certified in June!

Be sure to review our listing, and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud Community friends, or just congratulating them on their awesome achievements.

To all our eTapestry Certified professionals, let me be the first to say a well-earned and heartfelt congratulations!

Barnhart, Katherine
Barr, Karianna
Becker, Nichole
Beckett, Jamie
Berry, Kimberly
Bishop-Stephens, Helen
Cammack, Jacqueline
Carman, Lori
Carmichael, Andrea
Casey, Sylvia
Chen, Mike
de Flandre, Nicole
Dougherty, Emily
Fager, Leslie
Gradowski, Ann
Hayden, Gillian
Kemner, Sister Cheryl
LaBarre, Ramona
MacDonald, Crystal
Mann, Jonathan
Mehraeen, Siamak
Nelson, Debby
Neves, Dane
Nielson, Dawn
Ray, Leisa
Smith, Emily
Staal, Petra
Wallace, Caroline
Yavapai Casa For Kids Foundation

Interested in joining the list? Click here to learn how you can become Blackbaud eTapestry Fundamentals certified today!
Posted by Melissa Rancour on Jul 10, 2020 12:21 PM America/New_York

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