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ETapestry + SKY UX™ = The Start Of Something New!

I thought with the buzz around the High School Musical Reunion, it was perfect timing to talk about the start of "Something New" just like the title of the song from the orginal movie.  I knew all of the words and what can I say, it was a catchy toon, easy to remember words and I really liked mean I have two daughters that watched that movie over and over and over. 

Anyway, here is a picture of Troy and Gabriella singing it for old times sake.


Ok, so how do two star crossed teenagers singing about "Something New" relate to eTapestry?   Well let me tell you.

As you know, in February of this year Blackbaud will be releasing the new SKY UX™and some of those workflows in the eTapestry system. The SKY UX™ initiative was announced at the Blackbaud Users Conference this past fall and with Blackbaud SKY UX™, our clients will benefit from a consistent, always-modern user experience that will be available across all Blackbaud cloud solutions. This provides a consistent look and feel, navigation, login and integration – getting clients productive from the first click.  This IS the start of "Something New"!
A few months ago we gave you sneak peek at how we’re planning to apply the best of SKY UX to eTapestry, but this month we want to show you more! Here’s a look at what you can expect in late February.
The New Login Page

Notice the clean look, updated fonts and colors.  The login page previews what you can expect to see when you enter the product.
The New Account Search Results Page

Let’s point out some of the items to pay attention to here.
  •        A new, clean and easier to use look.
  •        A new grid layout.
  •        Ability to drag and drop the order of your columns.
  •        New usability items that let you quickly add/look up information.
The New Journal Page
Check out this video by clicking on the screen below. It shows you the new vibe and demonstrates some of the key items we are excited about.


Did you notice the following?
  •        The new, clean and easier to use look.
  •        The consistent grid layout from the Account Search Results page.
  •        The same drag and drop for column ordering from the Account Search Results page.
  •        An easy to use filtering mechanism that helps you find, and show, only the data you want to see.
  •        Because of the easier way to view journal items, we are able to remove the calendar and split views from this page.
While I have highlighted the above changes, you will notice changes throughout entire system with the release this February and in future releases. A lot of research and work has gone into SKY UX™ and we are excited to be able to incorporate it into eTapestry. This work will ultimatly bring you a better, easier to use product that allows you to spend more time on your mission and not your software.
Thanks for taking a few moments to learn more about the new eTapestry. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions.
Mike Rusche
Product Manager – eTapestry
Blackbaud, Inc.
Indianapolis Office

Posted by Mike Rusche on Jan 19, 2016 2:37 PM America/New_York

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Will the changes for the query & report pages be released at the same time?
  • Posted Mon 01 Feb 2016 12:23 PM EST