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Working With Auto-Processing Transactions

Auto-process transactions are a win-win for your organization and your donor.  If the donor wants to give multiple times throughout the year, an auto-processing transaction can save them from mailing in cash, or a check, every month. 
 It can also save them from having to go online and submitting a donation.

They are great for your organization because the system will automatically charge the donor based on a predetermined scheduled.  It will create the journal entry and you can receive an Auto-Process Report every morning that one takes place.  So that means less data entry for you users out there.

Make sure your organization is notified of all successful and failed auto process transactions. You will want to sign up for the Auto Process Email. This can be done within your database by following these steps:
  1. Click Management on the menu bar
  2. Click My Organization
  3. Click Preferences on the header
  4. Enter, or confirm that a current, email address is in this field
    • If you want to enter multiple email addresses, just make sure you separate them with a comma (,)
  5. Click Save And-Go to Personas on the side of the page
Anytime an auto-process transaction runs, you will receive an email first thing in the morning to let you know if it was successful or not.

Every now and then you will receive an auto-process report that shows some of your transactions have failed. There are a number of reasons that can cause a credit/debit card, or EFT, transaction to fail to auto process.  A few examples are:
  • Credit/Debit Card was Expired
  • Processor was down for Maintenance
  • Bank Declined the Transaction
When this happens you’ll want to act quickly to try and re-process those entries.  You will want to run the Auto Process Failures report to review the transactions that have failed. This is also where you can attempt to reprocess the failed transactions.

Here are the steps to help you run the Auto Process Failures report:
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
  3. Click Auto Process Failures
  4. Set your query category to Constituent Journal Entry Date and your query to This Month - JE
  5. Select Display Results on Screen for the Report Format
  6. Click Submit
On the far right of each row you will see a link that says Retry.  This will attempt to reprocess the failed auto-processing entry.  This will attempt to charge the credit/debit card the moment you press Retry.  You will then see on the report if that particular entry fails again or if it is successful.

If you notice the reason the auto-process transaction failed was because the credit/debit card has expired,  you’ll need to update the full credit/debit card number and expiration date before you can retry the transaction.  Here are helpful links that will walk you through these processes: It is best to be proactive and try to prevent failed auto-process transactions because of expired credit cards.  eTapestry also offers a standard report that will help you find accounts with almost expired credit/debit cards. You can access this report by following these steps:

1.    Click Reports on the menu bar
2.    Click eTapestry Standard Reports
3.    Click the Almost Expired Auto Process Credit/Debit Cards report
4.    Set your query category to Base and your query to All Constituents - A
5.    Select Display Results on Screen for the Report Format
6.    Click Submit

This report will allow you to reach out to your Constituents to get their updated credit card number to continue their auto process schedule.

Have fun and keep those auto-processing transactions running!

Posted by Justin Curtis on Jan 27, 2016 4:27 PM America/New_York

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