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What's New In Luminate Beta

This week we launched the Email Dashboard in Luminate Beta to help you track the performance of your email campaigns.  You can dig right in and narrow down your results by campaign, message, variant, or time period.  Also, you can filter by Center if you use Multi-Center.  


Use the Email Dashboard to gain insight to:
  • Engagement - How active your constituents are with your messages.
  • Devices - The types of devices used to view your messages.
  • Delivery - The successful delivery of your messages. 
Performance in these three areas help you determine the success of your messaging and discover trends that you may want to leverage.  For example, if hard bounces seem to be high, you may want to find out the reason. Or, maybe you have a monetary goal for an end of year campaign, you can quickly see if you are on target with revenue.

For more information on the Email dashboard and Luminate Beta, visit the Luminate Beta help documentation.
Posted by RoxAnna Fuquay on Dec 16, 2016 8:23 AM America/New_York