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Try Two-Step Authentication With Your Blackbaud ID!

While your email address and password help secure your Blackbaud ID used to sign in to Luminate Beta and this Community, you can now try an extra layer of security.

With two-step authentication, your Blackbaud ID requires a unique verification code — received on your personal device, to confirm your identity — in addition to your usual credentials. If you don't currently sign in with Google, you can now try two-step authentication as part of an Early Access Program. 
Two-step verification

To try this extra layer of security, visit your new Blackbaud ID profile and select Turn on under Two-step authentication. When you turn on two-step authentication, you can choose: As part of the Early Access Program: Thanks in advance for your interest and participation!
Posted by RoxAnna Fuquay on Jun 8, 2017 11:48 AM America/New_York